Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Will The Real "Bash Brothers" Please Stand Up!

If you were a fan of the A's back In the 80's ,or at least followed baseball,you know who the real "Bash Brothers" were . After Canseco was traded for Sierra ,the moniker should have been left alone.Ruben was ,at best, a second cousin.A "Bash Brother",not so much. Don't get me wrong,I like Ruben Sierra.He was a power switch hitting right fielder with a cannon for an arm,but Sierra had some really big shoes to fill and he wasn't about to supplant Canseco.To be honest ,I'm not sure what Upper Deck was thinking with this card. I'm not so sure Sierra wasn't well received In Oakland and anointed the new "Bash Brother".After the trade I cut the A's off and pretty much lost touch with  anything Oakland A's related.Back to the card.I like It,but It Is far from apropos.

                                   P.S. Sierra was totally photo shopped into this picture




  1. Ha! Ruben Sierra is totally stealing Canseco's thunder. What a troll card.