Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Recent Discovery!

Rummaging through my stash of collectibles recently,I stumbled across a set that I totally forgot I had.This 1989 Fleer Update set was sent to me In a trade package from fellow toy blogger Jason Vorhees  My 2nd Toy Blog .I was surprised to find It In the package seeing as how the trade was toy related,however,Jason knew that I was a card collector and thought I would dig the set.He was right :)

The 1989 Fleer design wasn't the nicest,but  20 some odd years later and they really are a sight for sore eyes.The player and rookie selection for this set pretty much mirrored the 1989 Topps Traded set with the exception of Griffey,Jr,who's first Fleer card was issued In the standard 1989 Fleer set.Here's a rundown of  the stars featured in the set starting with Nolan Ryan's 5000 K's!

What happened to Jerome Walton?!Wait let me guess-injuries?Aside from one-hit wonder Walton,1988-89 produced some solid little players including Robin Ventura ,Greg Vaughn and Todd Ziele.None would go on to become dominant forces,save for Randy Johnson, but all were borderline solid.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Favorite Card Of The Day!

My dad and I have been watching Met games together for as long as I can remember.It's also customary for us to give Met players nick names.I know It sounds like such a vain and juvenile thing to do,but we did It,and we  had fun doing It.When Michael Tucker played for us,his nickname was Goliath ,after a miniature Doberman we used to own  who has since passed on and is In doggie heaven now.We renamed Luis Castillo ,"Cast-ilio" which Is how some announcers would butcher his last name on occasion.Remember Chris Carter?Well he was nicknamed "Sean" because of how much he resembled a guy named "Sean" that my sister was dating at the time.There are lots more but one of the funniest was  Gregg Jefferies,who we famously dubbed "Jennifer".You see I had a cousin named Jennifer who was short and stout with  black hair,fairly husky for a 12 year old.I know It sounds bad but I once told my dad that she reminded me of Gregg Jefferies and ever since, the nickname has stuck,lol.Jokes aside,we loved watching Jefferies hit and he quickly became a favorite of mine.He wasn't a long armed bruiser at the plate,but his short strokes and compact swing generated   pop!Jefferies wasn't a big home run guy but he hit some serious screamers,laser beaming live drives to left field regularly.This 1989 Topps Future Star card Is by far my favorite Jefferies ,followed by his '88 Donruss and Fleer.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Favorite Card Of The Day!

The XRC!As a kid,these were what separated the men from the boys.I say this because you were considered to be "Da Man" If you were fortunate enough to own a players extended rookie card.An 89 Topps Walt Weiss was cool to have,but easy to obtain.Having a players XRC from an Update or Traded set meant that you had to do some leg work to get over to your closest hobby shop to either ask the vendor to break up a set for you or special order a factory sealed box.You couldn't find traded sets or packs at your nearest, neighborhood corner stores so you literally had to go the extra mile If you wanted some of that Topps Traded goodness.Known more for his defense,Walt Weiss was the third Oakland Athletics player In a row to receive ROY honors In 1988 (Canseco '86,McGwire '87).

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Not Your Average Collector

All the years I've spent collecting sports cards ,I never paid much attention to the number on the backs of them.I loved looking at the stats and reading bits and pieces about a particular player,but always saw the  number as a way to look  up the card In a price guide to determine it's value.I mean,I knew the numbers referred to the amount of cards In the set ,and were there to better assist  the completist,but I never once got the urge to complete a set.Don't get me wrong,completing a set sounds like a fun thing to do,but the irresponsible,"start something and never finish" side of me tells me to stay as far away from that endeavor as possible.I'm more of a cherry picker,opting to go after cards that strike a nostalgic nerve ,reminding me of a simpler time.So that's what my "collecting" goal Is as of now. I've got a chunky binder which I'd like to fill with stars/common stars starting with the more popular card brands released In 1986. I've already started by adding a couple of 86 Donruss but still need to add a few 86 Topps and Fleer into that mix.

I've got quite a few '87 Topps and Donruss already ,just need some 87 Fleer goodness, now.BTW If anybody needs  fillers from the aforementioned sets,let me know and I can send them your way.I have lots more in boxes.

I recently picked up a set of 1988 Topps Traded but It didn't yield many stars.I love the Gibson,though. 

There's a big gap that I'll have to fill from 1989-2000 and that should keep me busy for a little while.The truth of the matter Is that I might give up on this venture prematurely  as well ,but what the heck.It will be fun while It lasts .So yeah,I may leave things half done most of the time,but I'm cool with that,because It gives me something to do later.I'm also horrible at rationalizing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Horizontal Hysteria!

I never liked horizontal pics of players on baseball cards.It's always been somewhat of a peeve.I don't know why.Maybe It's a continuity thing,where flipping through a bunch of upright cards of player close ups and then suddenly being interrupted by a sideways shot of  a player sliding into second,   disrupts  my mental equilibrium.A set like 2001 Fleer Tradition ,where all base cards are horizontal, doesn't bug me as much ,but still ..bugs me. Topps seems to really dig the "wide screen" shots of players diving,stealing a bag and being mobbed at home plate ,as these cards are prevalent In most of their more recent product starting with 2009.I like my base cards up right.The horrid side ways shot of a cloud dust with a hardly recognizable player sliding into third base really does nothing for me.Not to mention the fact hat I never know If I'm placing the card In a sleeve right side up.

UGHH!Look at It.It's like a billboard.

Upper Deck could have cropped this McCann and made It an awesome rectangular,upright card but that would have meant the omission of the cool  advertisement along the fence In foul territory .

Is this a "Team Leaders" card?Checklist ?No,It's a Ryan Ludwick base card.Although, for all we know It could just be his stunt double.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Favorite Card Of The Day

What happened to Kenji?I wish he would have stuck around a while longer as I would have loved to see him end his career here In the states.Lots of  guys come over from Japan but Kenji was the first full time catcher,as far as I know, In the MLB and he put up some pretty decent numbers,too.I'm not sure how many cards Kenji has but he's a player I'd like to collect more of.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Wallet Card - Day 2

Here's Dykstra next to my childhood Pony League Baseball shirt.I stopped by my parents house the other day and decided to snap a quick pic.My mom has been saving that shirt for me since the early 90's and It's still In pretty good shape.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Singles Only

I'll be making this a recurring post,showing you recent singles acquired via eBay or  purchased packs.I'll start this off with a couple new d'Arnaud's and a Juan Lagares.If you haven't gotten the chance to watch this kid (Lagares) play CF ,do yourself a favor and put It on your "to do" list.He's a combination of Carlos Beltran and Andruw Jones with the glove,and his hitting Is slowly starting to come around.

The Den Dekker I pulled from a  2014 Topps pack .He's another nice little glove out there In center.And he's got a really cool name.

This Guerrero Is  another  pack pulled card and from my understanding,the Dodgers are pretty high on this guy.At 28 years of age,Alex's years are numbered In the Majors although he may be able to contribute some ,come the 2015 season.

Michael Wacha Is a beast,and I must say that It felt good to pull a Topps Future Stars card again after what,25 years?I feel like his last name should be inside of  a comic book action bubble.  

This one came from eBay.Jose Abreu will be another guy who's cards I will be looking out for ,actively.