Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Can Stash! (The Pepsi Conspiracy)

I saw these over on Fuji's site  a while back and had to pick up a set for my self.I love the pic variety and the vibrant blue and whites,but something  about these cards bring out the Alex Jones In me.Could  Pepsi have had something to do with Canseco being traded to Texas?Did they see It coming?What's with the red and blue duds?I mean,ok,Pepsi colors, but wouldn't a Mountain Dew motif been a little more apropos?In the 90's Pepsi's slogan was "Pepsi,a generation ahead".This set Is from 1990 and Canseco wouldn't be traded to Texas until mid season of  1992.Also,Pepsi had strong ties to Texas In the 90's.So much so Texas brass considered changing the teams name to the Texas Pepsi's.Although that last nugget of info has yet to be fact checked.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kenji's Korner

Once again,I'm back with more Kenji goodness!The Fleer Traditions,Allen & Ginter and Upper Deck i had ,just hadn't posted about them yet.The remaining three I just received from ebay.

I remember getting these sepia cards and thinking they were pretty cool.2006 Fleer Tradition would be  the first packs I ripped after a hiatus that dated back to my childhood.I began collecting again mostly because of  Prince Fielder.This was his rookie year.Plus the Mets were pretty good around this time as well.

That backdrop looks like a little league field.Great sunset,though.

Serial Numbered

I didn't even know these were  serial numbered when I picked them up on ebay. I just thought they were all great looking cards.