Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jeurys Familia Pick Ups

I've always had Familia fever dating back to last season.I still,vehemently believe that without Jeurys,we don't even smell the playoffs In 2015.Looking through his cards on E bay,I realized that  many of his autos are pretty low priced.We're talking In the 5 to 15 dollar range.I  missed out on his first year Bowman auto,someone beat me to It,but It sold for like 7 bucks. I was able to snag up this 2013 Topps Tier One On The Rise Autographs,numbered 060/399, for 6 bucks and some change.Probably because the auto Isn't centered,knowing how finicky card collectors can be.I'll be on the lookout for more In the future ,If the prices don't jump.

Since I didn't win the auto I went for the base chrome.I'm happy with It. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Singles Only

If you blinked then you probably missed    Nimmo's short debut In the bigs.He was called up to take over for Conforto,who was struggling at the time,but never made much of an impact with the club.The kid's got pop and he hustles to make the plays,but just wasn't ready for the show.He was all smiles ,though,In his limited time with the Mets this year and showed enthusiasm for the game.That I loved about him.There's a good chance he gets dealt before the deadline.

This has got to be one of,if not my favorite Syndergaard card!I don't know who they're looking at like that but whoever It was undoubtedly  got a high and tight one .Syndergaard Is one scary motherfucker.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

eTopps 20% Off Offer!

I might have to jump on this so I can finally get my 2005 Mets team card.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Guys Who's Rookie Cards I Though I Was Lucky To Own V.2

Fernando mania!No,not Valenzuela but Martinez.F-Mart,The Golden Boy...yeah don't think Martinez ever hit higher than .240 In any one major league season.The guy looked the part ,played some decent outfield but never turned out to be anything but a trade chip.I think he plays In the Mexican league now.

The legend of Felix Pie!Oh man ,did I hunt this card down relentlessly!I have this thing where I think a player will be a star just by looking at him.The name Felix Pie had hall of  famer  written all over It.That last name,Pie.It means foot In Spanish and a form of pastry In English.This meant he was going to be a fast runner and a sweet hitter.I had It all figured out.It was settled.The Cubs had hit the jackpot with this one and so did I when I pulled this chrome beauty out of a box I ripped  back In 2006.Truth be told,Pie flopped In the majors.But this Is still Is one of my favorite cards In my collection.  

The Freak!Back to back Cy Youngs In '08 and '09. Four time All-Star.Then things took a turn for the worst with trips to the DL mixed In with a couple of back to back losing seasons.Add to that the marijuana controversy and this once brilliant Tim Lincecum Bowman Chrome RC has lost alot of that shine.  

Uh-Oh,another Cubbie!So that's Dwight Smith ,Felix Pie and now  the infamous finger pointer- "I did not inject myself with any  kind of PED's whatsoever.......I couldn't reach so I let my friend do It for me :) " This guy put up numbers that could have landed him in the HOF three years before he ended his major league career.I say let him In.Let them all In,damn it!    

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Burbs

So, the wife and kids are traveling for the weekend and I've opted to sit this one out.Whenever this happens I kind of feel like Tom Hanks In that movie The Burbs,where his wife leaves him at home while she takes off with the son on vacation,and everything that could go wrong ,does.When I'm home alone ,something strange happens.I start believing that I know how to do things.The last time my wife and kids left me home for the weekend,my bathroom water pipes burst and I nearly cut my finger off cutting a piece of slat board with a heavily serrated kitchen knife.I'll leave out the how's and why's just to keep things short.This time around I think I'll take on landscaping. I've already dabbled In it the first few weeks of spring and I think I've got the hang of It.I might even post pics.Also,I think I'll take this weekend slow.Watch a little T.V. ,surf the net some and eat pizza for breakfast and dinner. Speaking of Pizza,while picking up some black mulch and solar powered lights,I decided to stop at Wal-Mart to see If they still had those Marketside Pizzas with the Topps cards.They did!I brought It home and removed It from its extra large packaging that doesn't fit anywhere in my fridge,let alone my house, and retrieved the slim foil wrapped card pack. I'm hoping for a Noah Syndergaard but anybody will do.I'm just glad I was able to find them.Well,the moment of truth.Here goes nothing....

...Nope,nothing I like.Although I will say that they look a lot nicer In hand then they do in blog pics. 

Before everybody goes haywire,Topps did not cut off  half of Todd Fraziers last name .That was me and my horrible picture taking.I really need to find a cheap scanner. 

I am a BUNT collector,so hopefully this code will work for me,even If I'm not  newly registered.We shall see!