Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Donruss

I'm so glad Donruss decided to go with  the same 87 styled border for their 2015 release.There's something about those little baseball clusters featured on the card borders that put me In a trance.You gotta have  catchy packaging,too,and Donruss doesn't disappoint In that department either.The teal accented with the dark yellows,blacks and reds  really stands out on the pegs  and can be spotted with relative ease.Unfortunately I tossed the packaging before I got the chance to snap pics of the unopened value  pack,but I'm pretty sure most of you have already encountered them In your local department stores.Here's a peak at some of the better cards I pulled from a Wal Mart Value Pack.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sportstalk Baseball

Remember  Sports Talk Baseball ? I can recall spending countless 90 degree days ,In my hot,dusty,spider infested attic  ,binge playing Sports Talk Baseball.The minute that gurgly,robotic  voiced announcer exclaimed "It's time to play ball!",I knew shit just got real!  I didn't care about anything In the outside world.Foreign parachutists  could have descended onto my street ,carrying M-16's  Red Dawn style ,and I wouldn't have had the slightest clue of what was going on.And sorry Paula Abdul,but your "Rush" video Is just going to have to wait until  I'm done with my three game series against the Yankees, and the game Is properly saved.It was just me,my 20 inch color T.V. with  Sega Genesis running Sports Talk Baseball ,and a sign on the front of the attic door that read "Leave Me Alone!". Games were fun back then.Colorful and cartoon like.It was a time where,when you bought a video game ,you were getting more than just a  game.You were buying the total package.A nice,decorative protective hard case,substantial game manuals and the occasional kick ass insert/poster.

Ya gotta love the Canseco reference!

"It's time to play ball!"

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Singles Only

Forgive my lack of posts as of late.Running two blogs Isn't hard to do ,but when you love both of them equally, It's hard to prioritize between the two.Also,I've got some catching up to do as far baseball cards go.2015 Topps has been getting all of my attention lately as It Is the easiest product to get my hands on at the moment and the new Heritage just doesn't tickle my fancy.I'm not sure If I want to delve into the bottomless pit that Is Bowman with the endless amount of Prospects and Draft Picks,but the cards look damn good.Anyways,I gotta thank Drew over at for the kind stack of  Tampa Bay Rays cards he so willingly passed on to me after I contacted him about my interest In them.I haven't been able to post about It but trust they are much appreciated!That was an extremely kind act and at some point I will have to pay It back.I forgot to jot down the return address,so Drew If you're  reading this,drop me an E-Mail with that ;) Below are recent singles that I've picked up via online card shops/Ebay In an attempt to add some contemporary flavor to my collection of rookies and prospects. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

My Wallet Card - Day 5

As I mentioned before,I've been pretty busy with home renovations and painting so posts have been scant as of late.Then I figured,why not mix business with pleasure?So I brought Lenny with me on a trip to Home Depot and snapped a quick pic!What grade do you suppose PSA would give those corners?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Can Stash!-Oakland A's/Texas Rangers/Boston Red Sox

 Welcome to the second official installment of "The Can Stash!" Today we look at cards that feature Jose on The A's,Texas Rangers and BoSox.

I'm particularly fond of this card because It was one that I didn't own as a kid,and always wanted.I think Nick and Matt have somewhat skewed my view on horizontal cards.I guess when done right,they're not that bad.This ,imo,Is an example of  a  quality horizontal card.

It broke my heart the night Canseco was traded to Texas and ultimately turned me away from the A's, altogether.My attention would shift to the Mets from that point on ,although I found myself occasionally checking In  on Texas to see what kind of  game Canseco turned In that day.

If Rangers pitchers had racked up as many K's as these four did In '92,Texas would have won the World Series!  

You see,It wasn't the steroids that led to all those homers hit by Canseco .

After being traded from Oakland and then Texas,Canseco got hip to moving from location to location,and designed   a jet pack ,allowing  for convenient mobility and   paparazzi evasion..  

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Can Stash!

Please excuse my less than stellar title posts.They are a work in progress.I just wanted to let everyone know that they might want to look away for these next couple of posts as they will be very Canseco heavy.I still collect J.C. and won't deny the fact that  I sort of idolized him growing up.In little league I would try to emulate his stance ,swinging the  bat hard enough so the barrel would swing back around and hit my lower back,just like Canseco.I did the whole nervous neck twitch thing when up at the plate,just like Canseco.I even went as far as wearing  those lime green Mizuno batting gloves,just like wait that was Ricky Henderson.Even today I consider myself a Canseco fan because of  what he did on the field and the impact he had on me a s a kid,rather than judge him for any personality flaws he may have In the real world.Sometimes I feel like Canseco should be In one of those Liberty Mutual "I'm Only Human" commercials.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Favorite Card Of The Day!

Sorry about the lack of posts guys,I've been super busy with home renovations.I've got some stuff coming up as well as a huge 100 card lot Canseco's I picked up on eBay,so stay tuned for that.In the meantime,here's a quick FCOTD!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cards From Cuz!

I've finally gotten the chance to look through and penny sleeve some of  the cards sent over to me by my cousin a couple of weeks ago.Lots of great cards here! I gotta thank my cousin out In Cali for a great package ;)Most of It Is early - mid 90's stuff like Ultra,Pinnacle etc. .Enjoy the pics!

2nd year Chipper card that's peculiarly more popular than  his 1rst year Bowman card.

Love this shot of "The Kid"!

Bulldog RC!

I have an extra Piazza RR If anyone's interested. 

I used to have this card,lost It,and now I have It again ;)

Cone RC!

I still love these Pro Visions.Some of the best artwork In the business.

Not sure what they were going for In this picture?It's like the balls are planets orbiting  Younts head like the sun.It's like an  onslaught of balls.O.K. ,I don't like where this Is going. 

This  Justice rookie eluded me as a kid.

Another Met auto!

Was this an Upper Deck  base card?

Pinnacle goodness.