Saturday, March 21, 2015

Singles Only

Forgive my lack of posts as of late.Running two blogs Isn't hard to do ,but when you love both of them equally, It's hard to prioritize between the two.Also,I've got some catching up to do as far baseball cards go.2015 Topps has been getting all of my attention lately as It Is the easiest product to get my hands on at the moment and the new Heritage just doesn't tickle my fancy.I'm not sure If I want to delve into the bottomless pit that Is Bowman with the endless amount of Prospects and Draft Picks,but the cards look damn good.Anyways,I gotta thank Drew over at for the kind stack of  Tampa Bay Rays cards he so willingly passed on to me after I contacted him about my interest In them.I haven't been able to post about It but trust they are much appreciated!That was an extremely kind act and at some point I will have to pay It back.I forgot to jot down the return address,so Drew If you're  reading this,drop me an E-Mail with that ;) Below are recent singles that I've picked up via online card shops/Ebay In an attempt to add some contemporary flavor to my collection of rookies and prospects. 

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