Thursday, October 6, 2016

Met Killers I Don't Hate - Madison Bumgarner

Forgive me my fellow Met fans ,but I just can't bash Bumgarner or the Giants for that matter.They got the best of  us and I'm not disappointed because It was at the hands of  a pitcher I don't hate.O.K. I'm disappointed  we didn't move on to the next round,but I've healed surprisingly well.I caught the game last night with my dad and we both dreaded a Familia ninth ,knowing how shaky he has been recently.We kind of saw It coming.It sucks too because I really like Familia ,and I had to put up with my dad cursing him out and verbally abusing him up until I walked out of the front door shortly after he blew the hold. Familia doesn't convince my dad .I ,on the other hand,love the guy.He can't save them all and let's face It,without him,we wouldn't have played In that Wildcard game.Anybody could have given up those three runs and  we were never going to match It.Not with Bumgarner on the mound.He's so fearless out there on the mound.A kind of fearlessness that evokes fear.But he's all business.No frills.Hats off to my Metsies for surprising the league and making It this far with the makeshift squad they had going Into that game.But hats off to the Giants as well.It'll be Basketball season before any of them catch up to Syndergaards fastball ,lol.But seriously,they played a heck of a game.As for Bumgarner?I don't hate the guy.He Is a consummate professional.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Flashback Gaming!

Recently,I hooked up a small man cave In my basement.It's still a  work In progress. I've got my old Sega Genesis hooked up to the ol' analog   set  with Tony LaRussa's Baseball by EA Sorts queued and ready to go.I also picked up Tommy Lasorda's arcade classic just for the heck of It.While LaRussa's game has a ton of stats and real teams/players,Lasorda's  arcade style of baseball is 20 times better!Both are fun,though,If your looking to flashback into and kill time all at once.I'll play a game or two while I'm doing laundry or when the better half Is having one of those days that make you wonder If she's not the better half and you are.Plus,these are  two of the best that ever did it so having some retro game goodness with their mugs on it Is always great!

Flashbacks of 1988 all over again! 

Look at those killer graphics!I never tire of reading the backs of video game boxes.Even now they have the ability to draw me in and make me want to play!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Could Have Been,Will Never Be

No.The first word to come out of my mouth after hearing about Miami Marlins pitching phenom Jose Fernandez.Then ,out came the expletives.I just couldn't believe it.Still can't.We never got to see Jose win his first Cy Young award.We never got to witness his 20 strikeout game  against the Mets and we never got to witness his first 20 win season.That perfect game he threw In 2017 versus the Rays,not happening.Jose was well on his way to becoming one of the biggest stories In baseball   ,If he wasn't already.Wherever you are up there,know that you will be remembered.Not just by your family,but by Major League Baseball,It's fans and the Latino American community as a whole.I hate to coin the often used phrase "rest in peace",because that, to me ,Is something you would say if someone was already up in age and sick of life's conundrums and nuances.Tired of the aches and pains that go along with old age before finally coming to their final resting place.Jose Fernandez seemed to be a young  man already at peace.And that's what makes this so hard to stomach.That,and the fact that he had a kid on the way.For what It's worth,my condolences go out  to his family both on and off the field.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Topps Bunt 16 TRADES & DEBUTS

I picked up some digital packs of cards off of the Topps Bunt app this morning.Like I've stated before,I'm not a huge fan of baseball cards that I can't actually touch ,in hand,but I do like using the Bunt app as a way to preview what Topps may have in store for us In the real world.These TRADES & DEBUTS cards are pretty much 2016 Topps flagship with  newly acquired players and those making their MLB debuts.If they do release these ,will they just call them Topps Update or stick with the Bunt 16 label?Not sure ,but I'm digging the new look Beltran and Bruce (not pictured) cards.What do you guys think?

UPDATE:I just realized that these seem to have a power/rarity meter over the top of their name tag.Not sure what that's all about. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

My Favorite 9 Right Now - Updated

I believe It was Junior Junky ,of Baseball Cards Of Griffey,Jr. And Beyond who started the whole "favorite 9 card " thing ,and I've ran with it.I really liked the idea because this always changes for me.Much like the action figures In my collection,certain cards grow on me for a certain length of time.And then I just won't like them anymore.So here's my 9 pockets of baseball card favs ,for the time being.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bizarro World Canseco's

In my last post,I sent the message out to the blogosphere that I was In need of  some Canseco White Sox/Angels/Expos  cards .I got antsy and kept seeing them on ebay so I picked up a couple singles.These truly are the most bizarre Canseco cards I own.I'm not even sure If  Canseco got any AB's In  for the Expos or Angels.These are like ,from some alternate universe or something.I tend to forget that Canseco got kind of sucky towards the end of his career and In the process of sucking something fierce ,got moved around a bit.It's a shame,too, cuz all he needed was few homers more to reach 500.I gotta believe even that wouldn't have gotten him into the hall with all the animosity .I just love the cards though.They  remind me of  all those mid 80's Reggie Jackson cards .

2001 Topps Canseco triumvirate!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Kaz Delivers!

A short while back,I posted about a player that I was going to start collecting,Nick Markakis. Mark Kaz from This Way to the Clubhouse decided to help out by sending me a few Markakis cards and a couple of Cansecos to boot!So,a big thank you to Mark for that random act of kindness.It's not everyday that someone just offers up cards like that  ,so I truly am grateful. Now,on to the cards....

Here's a nice Markakis  Fleer  Rookie Sensations.Kenji Johjima came out In this set ,too, so I  believe these came out In 2006 .

Laying out to make the grab!

I'm not a big A&G guy.I never picked any up at retail at the height of my card collecting back In 2006,and I still don't.I can,however,appreciate the distinguished design.  

As much as I liked the Markakis cards,this one here Is my favorite of the bunch.  
 What an awesome Canseco card this Is!I really dig the credit card novelty.I never  knew these cards existed.His name  and stats are really embossed on the front of the card,juts like a real credit card.Good stuff! 

At first I thought I already had this card,but upon further inspection,I didn't!BTW- I was looking at my Can Stash the other day and realized that I had no Canseco White Sox or Expos cards.Two teams he barely got to touch the turf with.So If anybody out there  has any of his White Sox cards or Expos card (I think he only had one) ,let me know ;)