Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Recent Pick Ups

I still get a kick out of collecting rookie cards.But why?What's the psychology behind It?I could tell you why I did It as a kid.In price guides ,rookie cards were always worth the most.So naturally,rookie cards were what I looked forward to pulling when opening packs upon packs of 1989 Topps. I couldn't get enough of those Future Stars cards.Even though  I sometimes hoped my  more prominent rookie cards  would accrue value over time,I lived In the present ,concentrating more on what kinds of immediate returns I could get via trades with friends and other collectors.

As I got older I became more of a prospector.I'd pick up lesser valued rookies In hopes of them making an impact In the majors.That only worked once for me.I picked up a 1990 Topps Major League Debut Sammy Sosa card for  fifty cents ,years before the home-run barrages.Note to self-Find my 1990 Topps Major League Debut  Sammy Sosa card.I'm sure It's still floating around somewhere In my dilapidated collection.

Today ,the RC  Is still my favorite kind of card to collect.That's a good thing  seeing as how Topps has decided to slap the RC logo on EVERYTHING!It's whatever ,I guess. I don't prospect anymore.I'm kind of a front runner waiting to see If a player develops into something good  his first couple of MLB seasons before  snatching up their rookie cards.My most recent pick ups will attest to that.

I'm way late to the Ohtani party.That's cool,though,because showing up to the party late means smaller crowds and less raucous. Juuust how I like it ;)

What Is It with Philly and their influx of stud first baseman?I knew Hoskins would be something special  early In his career.Ironically ,I have him paired up with division rival and newly acquired Met Marcus Stroman. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

My Favorite 9 Right Now - Updated

To quote one of my favorite M.C. 's ,and probably the best that ever did it, Rakim "It's been a long time..." The fact of the matter Is that I'm not really collecting cards anymore.At least ,not the way I used to.I don't buy packs anymore and It's only once In a blue moon that a particular player will strike my fancy enough for me to go online and pick up his cards.I will,however,pick up any Mets players ,especially homegrown guys,that make  MLB impact.Hence the reason for this quick update.As you can see Peter Alonso ,Jeff McNeil and Keith Hernandez have all made their way into my Favorite 9 card sheet  ,while the elusive Cespedes ,injury prone Bryant and Ultra Pro Canseco have been voted off the island.

Also ,quoting another one of my all time favorite M.C's ,Big Pun ,even though "I'm Not A Player" anymore ,I still appreciate the game.I still love looking at baseball cards and look forward to seeing new card designs every year.There is just so much out there - online exclusives, parallels ,variations- that I just can't keep up with  anymore. I'll never stop being interested In baseball cards,but I refuse to let It drive me batty either.Ironic how the "overproduction" era of baseball cards , was a much simpler time. 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Arms Like Benito Santiago ,Check!

I remember looking at this 1988 Topps San Diego Padres Leaders card with my friends as a kid and being awestruck by the way Benito Santiago's veins popped out of his arms!I remember telling  my friends "When I get older,I'm gonna have arms just like that!Just like Benito Santiago!"

And so today ,while washing the dishes,I realized something!I have arms just like Benito Santiago!I know ,this looks more like an Anthony Wiener skin pic  but It's not.This Is my arm, I can assure you.
But ,yeah!Childhood wish fulfilled!Unfortunately,I do not own this card.I had to snatch this image  up off Google for this post.Which reminds me,I need more 1988 Topps baseball In my life.Especially this card. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

Captain Caveman

I've already come to grips with the strong possibility of  another failed Mets season. Syndergaard Is one poor outing away from being placed on the IL. Matz and Vargas have been decommissioned leaving  Degrom,Wheeler and whatever minor league pitcher gets called up to fend for themselves.Someone forgot to tell Mets newly appointed GM Van Wagenen that he was getting 60 year old Cano and not 23 year old Cano and Mickey  Callaway is one losing streak away from being told to go thataway.Not all Is lost ,though.Young guns like Jeff McNeil and Peter Alonso have been a blast to watch.Speaking of "blasts".Have you gotten the chance to catch a Peter Alonso bomb?If not,ya should.Even If your not a Mets fan.I liken Alonso to a neanderthal swinging one of those giant Captain Caveman clubs.In fact,that should be his new nickname.

Jump ahead to the 1:00 mark to watch Captain Caveman's hitting display!

It's crazy how this Is Alonso's first year In the bigs and already he has  ,like, a gazillion cards !I figured why not start his PC  with this Bowman trio ,starting with his first year 2016 card followed by his 2017 and 2018 cards. 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Recent Pick Ups

I know.It's way too early.With my luck he'll go 0 for the rest of the season and these cards won't be worth the paper they're printed on.That said,right now their Is very little not to like about the Mets young utility man turned everyday player  Jeff McNeil.Or should I refer to  him as "The Squirrel" ,his newly appointed nickname.Which is probably the only thing I hate about McNeil these days.The kid can hit.He proved It towards the end of  last season and It's carried over into spring training and this  season.There was a point  this year where he got a little homer happy but he's gone back to slashing and hitting line drives which Is really his bread and butter.He was  a .300 plus hitter pretty much his entire career In the minors.I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do throughout the course of a whole season In the majors.

Next we have a PSA 8 1986 Fleer  Update Canseco. I would have preferred an 86 Donruss graded but for now this will do.It's certainly In better shape than the current 86 Fleer Update Canseco I have now,so It's an upgrade.

And last but not least,an impulse buy. I've taken a liking to PSA 8 cards. They are super cheap and  In great condition. I think I paid like 3 bucks for this Gonzalez ,and why not?The guy was a stud and I thought it'd be cool to have something graded. HOF?Maybe not but It could be close.

2,591 Hits
354 Homeruns
.283 Average
.360 OBP

5X All Star

Does Gonzalez make the hall?Sound off In the comment section. I mean, your at my pub .What better place to chop It up  about baseball :)


Thursday, April 25, 2019

My Favorite Starting Lineup Card Design (1992 Starting Lineup)

I wish I could wax poetic about the reasons why this particular card design tickles my fancy ,but I kind of suck at that,so I won't.In fact I'm not entirely sure why I like these so much.Maybe It's the 80's Trapper Keeper borders.Pardon my french but It's fucking mesmerizing! They also give off that little league ,friendly, baseball card vibe.It's like the camera man said "Hey ,smile!These cards are for kids Starting Lineup action figures!" And the players responded "Oh,Starting Lineups? Cool,CHEEEEZE!"

The backs of most Starting Lineup cards have pretty much remained a constant over the years.Full career stats followed by a facsimile autograph.If anything these were great references when/if determining whether  a players auto was real or fake. Nolan Ryan's career was so lengthy they barely had space for his autograph.  

What do you guys think?What's your favorite Starting Lineup card design?And will you be voting for creepy Joe Biden If he runs In 2020?