Thursday, February 14, 2019

Collecting Cards Of Keith As A Card

Looking through my Mets binder the other day,I came to the realization that I was gonna need more Keith Hernandez In my collection.And then I came to another realization .Keith only played 7 years with the Mets ,spending the bulk of his 17 year career with the Cardinals.After scouring the net for Keith Hernandez cards ,I found myself liking his Cardinals cards more than his Mets cards.Hard to believe that he started his career way back In 1975.In his 1976 Topps  card ,you wouldn't even know It was Hernandez If It wasn't for his name tag on the bottom of the card.This has catapulted way up to my top 5 favorite cards list.

 Safe to say,I am now collecting cards of Keith as  a Card.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ya Know What I Miss..?

1984 Topps Andy Van Slyke
Those of you who collected baseball cards post 1980's will never know about the investigatory process that took place every time a new wax pack got ripped. Take today's rookie cards for instance.You know when you pull a rookie card because of  the "rc" label ,right?Such was not the case back In our days.No siree !Most 80's Topps rookie cards looked just like the base card of a 12 year veteran.Occasionally you'd get a future stars card depicting three of the teams/leagues brightest rookies ,but that didn't stop Topps from giving first year players their own ,individual cards.And that's when the profiler In all of us kicked In. Hmmmm?Who Is this guy?I've never heard of him.He's not an established star.He looks rather young.I need answers.I'd better flip the card around.And that ,my friends,was how we would ultimately come to the realization that the card we held In our hand was ,indeed ,a rookie card.The backs of our baseball cards told the story.The list of minor league seasons followed by that solitary major league season  was all the evidence we needed.If his career numbers matched that one major league season on the card back stat roll  then BINGO,we had ourselves a rookie card!Assuming you knew the difference between minor and major league teams (you don't know how many kids got shafted that way).That ,to me,was always a fun part of the hobby.The digging.Investigating.I miss that.