Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Can Stash!

Welcome back to the Can Stash!The corner of the blog that will host my 300 some odd Canseco cards and anything else Canseco related.These next couple of Can Stash posts will feature mostly the odd ball stuff as well some All-Star cards.Note:These are all from my childhood collection.

Not sure how I ended up with 4 of these?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Baseball Card Blues

Lately I've been In a bit of a baseball card funk ,spending more time photographing baseball cards with my phone and posting on Instagram.Instagram allows me to post card pics quicker and doesn't require a lot of writing,which at times can be a bit of a chore.There really Isn't anything about baseball cards,modern baseball cards that is,that has me running to the card aisles.I think packs are overpriced,especially those that yield a bunch of commons which I have absolutely no more room for.I kind of dig the new Topps Bunt physical cards and just might pick up a couple packs of those.Other than that ,not much else out there for me to get excited about.
My only saving grace would be a card sop opening up nearby so that I could snag up a few singles here and there,but that's not happening anytime soon.Hobby shops have gone the way of the dinosaur.
I have,however,been searching ebay for graded rookie cards of guys who used to be studs but because of the whole steroid thing,have become very affordable.I thought about doing this after unearthing my graded Manny Ramirez from a box the other day.I thought,what the hell,for the price of one graded Mike Trout I could build an  army of graded rookie cards  of suspected and admitted steroid studs that include guys like Juan Gonzalez,Albert Belle,Kevin Maas,etc! They'd have to be 9 or better and preferably PSA.So that's what I'll be focusing on ,that and the usual Mets singles.

Oh,and I've got a couple packages to pass on,hopefully by this weekend.One's going out to Matt of Bob Walk The Plank who I can't thank enough for stopping by and commenting on a regular basis ,even If It's just to hear me lament and complain.Also ,my good buddy Mark Kaz recently sent me some cardboard goodness,bolstering my Markakis and Canseco stash,so one of these will be headed his way.And last but not least,I've had a stack of Cubbies put aside for  Dimebox Nick for the longest,hopefully I can get  all three of these out by the weekend or early next week.   

Sunday, August 7, 2016

MLB 98 PlayStation

There was a time when I had to have the most up to date MLB video game for whatever system It was I had at the time.I was crazy for RBI ,on the NES and absolutely nuts for Triple Play on the old Sega Genesis.Then the 32 bit era arrived and everything went 3D.Sony was at the forefront with their release of MLB 98.This shit was so on my radar there wasn't anything else I could think about besides getting paid on Friday and running out to pick up a copy of my own.I would play this every single day after work,in season mode with the Blue Jays because Canseco was playing there at the time.My mom would watch me and think I was nuts because I'd literally get straight home and onto the couch to get in some MLB 98 action!These days I don't have the newer consoles ,so I'm not so up to date with the baseball games.I do,however,still own a PS and jam out on it whenever I need that nostalgia fix.One day I'll post about all my PS1 MLB games.