Saturday, July 29, 2017

So Long Mr. Duda

A funny thing happens when you , religiously ,follow a sports team .You become attached to the players.Some players more than others,but ultimately the team as a whole becomes ,almost like, part of your family.So when a player gets traded or let go ,it stabs you in the heart a little bit.Lucas Duda was traded to the Rays a couple of days back for AA reliever Drew Smith.With Dominic Smith and free agency on the horizon  ,it was only a matter of time before he got dealt.I'll miss the prodigious moonshots to right field,the humble way he went about his business  and most of all ,the hair!Early in Duda's career ,my dad and I  would get a kick out of  the little bit of hair that protruded from the air holes at the top of his batting helmet.I wish him the best as he takes his much improved bat and defense over to Tampa Bay in hopes of reaching the playoffs for the third time in three years.So long ,Mr. Duda, and the best of luck moving forward!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Kenji's Korner

I picked up this Kenji  30 card lot with dupes so except for the Co-Signers ,I have doubles of  everything you see here.So if anyone needs a couple of  Kenji's  ,I have them and they're yours :)    

This pose never gets old. 

Love this card!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Kenji's!

I got these In the mail today.A couple stacks of Kenji cards  that i'll be going over in my next "Kenjis Korner" post.Stay tuned !

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Can Stash! (The Pepsi Conspiracy)

I saw these over on Fuji's site  a while back and had to pick up a set for my self.I love the pic variety and the vibrant blue and whites,but something  about these cards bring out the Alex Jones In me.Could  Pepsi have had something to do with Canseco being traded to Texas?Did they see It coming?What's with the red and blue duds?I mean,ok,Pepsi colors, but wouldn't a Mountain Dew motif been a little more apropos?In the 90's Pepsi's slogan was "Pepsi,a generation ahead".This set Is from 1990 and Canseco wouldn't be traded to Texas until mid season of  1992.Also,Pepsi had strong ties to Texas In the 90's.So much so Texas brass considered changing the teams name to the Texas Pepsi's.Although that last nugget of info has yet to be fact checked.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kenji's Korner

Once again,I'm back with more Kenji goodness!The Fleer Traditions,Allen & Ginter and Upper Deck i had ,just hadn't posted about them yet.The remaining three I just received from ebay.

I remember getting these sepia cards and thinking they were pretty cool.2006 Fleer Tradition would be  the first packs I ripped after a hiatus that dated back to my childhood.I began collecting again mostly because of  Prince Fielder.This was his rookie year.Plus the Mets were pretty good around this time as well.

That backdrop looks like a little league field.Great sunset,though.

Serial Numbered

I didn't even know these were  serial numbered when I picked them up on ebay. I just thought they were all great looking cards.



Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Can Stash! ( Kodak Mail Aways)

Can you guys feel the tides changing a bit?MLB seems to be starting to ease up on the bad boys of summer .These last few years or so we've seen guys like McGwire , Bonds and Pete Rose(yes,PETE ROSE !)make somewhat of a resurgence In Major League Baseball. McGwire has found himself a job with the Padres as their bench coach,Bonds ,though recently fired,was the Marlins hitting coach for about a year or so and Pete Rose has been brought on by FOX to  do color commentary as a guest analyst.And now It seems that Jose Canseco ,the quintessential bad boy of baseball, will be doing some pre game analysis with the Oakland A's this season.I don't know about you,but I'm glad MLB has ,If only half way,dismounted their sanctimonious high horse  in an effort let our child hood heroes back In the game.To the cards...

This set I found on ebay while searching out Canseco oddballs.The price tag says 8 bucks but I only paid 5 and some change ,including shipping.What got me about these cards were the obvious signs of these being from Cansecos early years.There are no date stamps on the set of 10 cards but those are definitely 86/87 duds he's wearing.If anyone has anymore info on this card set ,please let me know In the comments below. 

                                           The card fronts have a vintage filtered look to them.

The backs all have the same advertisement.An offer for an 8" x 10" glossy color photo(on Kodak paper) hand signed by Jose Canseco.

I've never seen these before and who knows,they could be reproductions.It still wouldn't bother me one bit.The shots of Canseco are original and candid as they come.  

Ya see?Canseco had the fundies down-pat!

Are those California Redwoods back there?

Another nice addition to my growing Canseco collection.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Can Stash (Mother's Cookies Edition)

As a kid ,my local card shop dealer knew me by name.The Hot Stove League was a quaint little card shop ,20 minutes walking distance from where I lived at the time, ran by the sweetest little elderly couple.The owner,slightly balding with a white handle bar mustache ,always had a stack of Canseco cards ready for me to sort through.Most were oddballs that I would  pass up In favor of the encased,more mainstream Canseco cards.The oddballs consisted mostly of All Star inserts,sticker cards and Mother's Cookies.I remember me and my friends chuckling at the name brand "Mother's Cookies" ,lol! WTF?Of all  the generic looking  oddball cards of our favorite players,Mother's Cookies was always the laughing stock.They were the butt of all jokes,the cards in our spokes and frankly,the name  "Mother's Cookies" was just a l-i-t-t-l-e  creepy.Very Norman Bates-esque.Well, It's taken me nearly 30 years to realize how attractive these cards really are.Maybe It's the "no frills" adult In me that can appreciate the simplicity, now, much more than I could have as a kid.

You can't tell from the pictures but these are glossy cards.In fact ,they don't even feel like cards at all.They are more like personal pictures someone took and had developed.Something you'd find In a photo album.The more I gaze at them,the more I like them.Let's face It ,today's cards   bamboozle and perplex us  with the amount of flash and flamboyancy put Into them.With this product,you get a more personal look at your favorite baseball player.The pictures really make It seem as If you were down on the field with the players during the photo shoot.The player names and teams are discreetly placed at the corners ,letting the pictures do all the talking.

1987 Mother's Cookies

This Is my first card of  Jose and Reggie .Strangely, this may be the only card featuring the both of them together.I could be wrong,though.
You would think more of them existed.

1988 Mother's Cookies

1989 Mother's Cookies

1990 Mother's Cookies

1991 Mother's Cookies

The backs are very plain Jane with a designated space for the players autograph. 

The following four Mother's Cookies cards were part of a 1989 set .