Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Can Stash! ( Kodak Mail Aways)

Can you guys feel the tides changing a bit?MLB seems to be starting to ease up on the bad boys of summer .These last few years or so we've seen guys like McGwire , Bonds and Pete Rose(yes,PETE ROSE !)make somewhat of a resurgence In Major League Baseball. McGwire has found himself a job with the Padres as their bench coach,Bonds ,though recently fired,was the Marlins hitting coach for about a year or so and Pete Rose has been brought on by FOX to  do color commentary as a guest analyst.And now It seems that Jose Canseco ,the quintessential bad boy of baseball, will be doing some pre game analysis with the Oakland A's this season.I don't know about you,but I'm glad MLB has ,If only half way,dismounted their sanctimonious high horse  in an effort let our child hood heroes back In the game.To the cards...

This set I found on ebay while searching out Canseco oddballs.The price tag says 8 bucks but I only paid 5 and some change ,including shipping.What got me about these cards were the obvious signs of these being from Cansecos early years.There are no date stamps on the set of 10 cards but those are definitely 86/87 duds he's wearing.If anyone has anymore info on this card set ,please let me know In the comments below. 

                                           The card fronts have a vintage filtered look to them.

The backs all have the same advertisement.An offer for an 8" x 10" glossy color photo(on Kodak paper) hand signed by Jose Canseco.

I've never seen these before and who knows,they could be reproductions.It still wouldn't bother me one bit.The shots of Canseco are original and candid as they come.  

Ya see?Canseco had the fundies down-pat!

Are those California Redwoods back there?

Another nice addition to my growing Canseco collection.


  1. I don't know what they are, but they sure are fascinating! Also, I believe that Mr. Bonds is back with the Giants in some capacity.

  2. Very cool set. I'm with you... it's nice to see these guys around again. Although... I still can't take Canseco seriously. The other guys yes. Canseco no. But I like him... and I enjoy collecting his cards.