Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Can Stash (Mother's Cookies Edition)

As a kid ,my local card shop dealer knew me by name.The Hot Stove League was a quaint little card shop ,20 minutes walking distance from where I lived at the time, ran by the sweetest little elderly couple.The owner,slightly balding with a white handle bar mustache ,always had a stack of Canseco cards ready for me to sort through.Most were oddballs that I would  pass up In favor of the encased,more mainstream Canseco cards.The oddballs consisted mostly of All Star inserts,sticker cards and Mother's Cookies.I remember me and my friends chuckling at the name brand "Mother's Cookies" ,lol! WTF?Of all  the generic looking  oddball cards of our favorite players,Mother's Cookies was always the laughing stock.They were the butt of all jokes,the cards in our spokes and frankly,the name  "Mother's Cookies" was just a l-i-t-t-l-e  creepy.Very Norman Bates-esque.Well, It's taken me nearly 30 years to realize how attractive these cards really are.Maybe It's the "no frills" adult In me that can appreciate the simplicity, now, much more than I could have as a kid.

You can't tell from the pictures but these are glossy cards.In fact ,they don't even feel like cards at all.They are more like personal pictures someone took and had developed.Something you'd find In a photo album.The more I gaze at them,the more I like them.Let's face It ,today's cards   bamboozle and perplex us  with the amount of flash and flamboyancy put Into them.With this product,you get a more personal look at your favorite baseball player.The pictures really make It seem as If you were down on the field with the players during the photo shoot.The player names and teams are discreetly placed at the corners ,letting the pictures do all the talking.

1987 Mother's Cookies

This Is my first card of  Jose and Reggie .Strangely, this may be the only card featuring the both of them together.I could be wrong,though.
You would think more of them existed.

1988 Mother's Cookies

1989 Mother's Cookies

1990 Mother's Cookies

1991 Mother's Cookies

The backs are very plain Jane with a designated space for the players autograph. 

The following four Mother's Cookies cards were part of a 1989 set . 


  1. Love Mother's Cookies cards ... and, haha, I can totally see kids thinking they were weird and hysterical.

    1. These along with the Score shirtless Dream Team inserts always got us ragging on either the card or the person who had them.

  2. KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid. I had this pounded into my head in college and, for that reason, I'll always have a great appreciation for minimalist design. Mother's Cookies cards have aged well!

  3. I had a totally different outlook on Mother's Cookies cards as a kid. Each year the Giants and A's would give partial sets of these away at a game and I tried to go to as many of these games as I could. In terms of 80's oddballs, they're right up there with the Kellogg's cards and 7-11 Slurpee discs.

  4. Damn!You got to watch Canseco and the A's play In the 80's!Awesome ;)

    1. Lol... sad to say, I probably went to more games back then, than I do these days.