Sunday, April 9, 2017

Singles Only

Although this Is supposed to be  an NFL exclusive Singles Only  post,I snuck  Moncada In there last minute since It was the only baseball single I've picked up In a while.On to the cards...

Remember  a while back ,I set out to try and pull a 2016 Donruss Ezekiel Elliott by way of pack ripping ?Well I failed miserably at that and have had this card (and others like It)In my ebay watch list forever It seems .Every time I'd go to bid on this, It would jump up beyond the 10 dollar range,a price I wasn't willing to pay for a card that I could possibly still   pull in a pack.Luckily,I was able to snag this one up for about  $5 and some change shipped.I actually liked the base over the Optic,but I can't complain.

Shortly after winning the Optic auction,I stumbled upon this Panini Rookies and Stars listing. I think there were but seconds left when I entered my $2 winning bid.Not bad considering most of his rookie cards are selling for $5 and up.So that brings my Elliott card total to three now, including his Leaf Draft card that I picked up around Super Bowl time,when Zekes and Dak mania was running rampant.

Moncada might as well be an NFLer .He sure looks like one. Apparently he's  off to a good start in the White Sox minor league system,AAA I believe. Moncada projects to be a bigger version of Jose Jose  Altuve. Only time will tell.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to seeing what Moncada can do.