Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cards From Cuz!

I've finally gotten the chance to look through and penny sleeve some of  the cards sent over to me by my cousin a couple of weeks ago.Lots of great cards here! I gotta thank my cousin out In Cali for a great package ;)Most of It Is early - mid 90's stuff like Ultra,Pinnacle etc. .Enjoy the pics!

2nd year Chipper card that's peculiarly more popular than  his 1rst year Bowman card.

Love this shot of "The Kid"!

Bulldog RC!

I have an extra Piazza RR If anyone's interested. 

I used to have this card,lost It,and now I have It again ;)

Cone RC!

I still love these Pro Visions.Some of the best artwork In the business.

Not sure what they were going for In this picture?It's like the balls are planets orbiting  Younts head like the sun.It's like an  onslaught of balls.O.K. ,I don't like where this Is going. 

This  Justice rookie eluded me as a kid.

Another Met auto!

Was this an Upper Deck  base card?

Pinnacle goodness.


  1. Those Pro-Visions inserts were always good for a little fun.

  2. These are all the big cards of my childhood. I remember that Justice being a chase card.