Thursday, March 5, 2015

Favorite Card Of The Day!

Sorry about the lack of posts guys,I've been super busy with home renovations.I've got some stuff coming up as well as a huge 100 card lot Canseco's I picked up on eBay,so stay tuned for that.In the meantime,here's a quick FCOTD!


  1. I always liked Beltran. Wish he could have stayed a little healthier in his career as he would have been able to put of Hall of Fame numbers. With his advanced age I don't think he can make up enough ground now.

  2. I'm sort of beating a dead horse here with the Beltran posts, lol.I don't know Matt.He's the only switch hitter to hit 300 HR and steal 300 bases.Not that big a deal but it stands out in the old resume.Borderline HOFer at best.