Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Can Stash!-Oakland A's/Texas Rangers/Boston Red Sox

 Welcome to the second official installment of "The Can Stash!" Today we look at cards that feature Jose on The A's,Texas Rangers and BoSox.

I'm particularly fond of this card because It was one that I didn't own as a kid,and always wanted.I think Nick and Matt have somewhat skewed my view on horizontal cards.I guess when done right,they're not that bad.This ,imo,Is an example of  a  quality horizontal card.

It broke my heart the night Canseco was traded to Texas and ultimately turned me away from the A's, altogether.My attention would shift to the Mets from that point on ,although I found myself occasionally checking In  on Texas to see what kind of  game Canseco turned In that day.

If Rangers pitchers had racked up as many K's as these four did In '92,Texas would have won the World Series!  

You see,It wasn't the steroids that led to all those homers hit by Canseco .

After being traded from Oakland and then Texas,Canseco got hip to moving from location to location,and designed   a jet pack ,allowing  for convenient mobility and   paparazzi evasion..  


  1. I'm not a huge Canseco fan, but that '94 Upper Deck card with the shovel is just so lovable.

  2. Its a nice sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes,down in the dugouts.

  3. I feel like Jose probably got some type of hamstring injury in that first card. Horizontal cards are not the enemy!

  4. They really aren't Matt.Even if I have to turn my head sideways to view them correctly.