Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sportstalk Baseball

Remember  Sports Talk Baseball ? I can recall spending countless 90 degree days ,In my hot,dusty,spider infested attic  ,binge playing Sports Talk Baseball.The minute that gurgly,robotic  voiced announcer exclaimed "It's time to play ball!",I knew shit just got real!  I didn't care about anything In the outside world.Foreign parachutists  could have descended onto my street ,carrying M-16's  Red Dawn style ,and I wouldn't have had the slightest clue of what was going on.And sorry Paula Abdul,but your "Rush" video Is just going to have to wait until  I'm done with my three game series against the Yankees, and the game Is properly saved.It was just me,my 20 inch color T.V. with  Sega Genesis running Sports Talk Baseball ,and a sign on the front of the attic door that read "Leave Me Alone!". Games were fun back then.Colorful and cartoon like.It was a time where,when you bought a video game ,you were getting more than just a  game.You were buying the total package.A nice,decorative protective hard case,substantial game manuals and the occasional kick ass insert/poster.

Ya gotta love the Canseco reference!

"It's time to play ball!"

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