Friday, July 1, 2016

The Burbs

So, the wife and kids are traveling for the weekend and I've opted to sit this one out.Whenever this happens I kind of feel like Tom Hanks In that movie The Burbs,where his wife leaves him at home while she takes off with the son on vacation,and everything that could go wrong ,does.When I'm home alone ,something strange happens.I start believing that I know how to do things.The last time my wife and kids left me home for the weekend,my bathroom water pipes burst and I nearly cut my finger off cutting a piece of slat board with a heavily serrated kitchen knife.I'll leave out the how's and why's just to keep things short.This time around I think I'll take on landscaping. I've already dabbled In it the first few weeks of spring and I think I've got the hang of It.I might even post pics.Also,I think I'll take this weekend slow.Watch a little T.V. ,surf the net some and eat pizza for breakfast and dinner. Speaking of Pizza,while picking up some black mulch and solar powered lights,I decided to stop at Wal-Mart to see If they still had those Marketside Pizzas with the Topps cards.They did!I brought It home and removed It from its extra large packaging that doesn't fit anywhere in my fridge,let alone my house, and retrieved the slim foil wrapped card pack. I'm hoping for a Noah Syndergaard but anybody will do.I'm just glad I was able to find them.Well,the moment of truth.Here goes nothing....

...Nope,nothing I like.Although I will say that they look a lot nicer In hand then they do in blog pics. 

Before everybody goes haywire,Topps did not cut off  half of Todd Fraziers last name .That was me and my horrible picture taking.I really need to find a cheap scanner. 

I am a BUNT collector,so hopefully this code will work for me,even If I'm not  newly registered.We shall see!  


  1. My fiancée will be out of town a couple weeks from now - by now, I've learned not to get to adventurous with what I can and can't do. Last time, I almost burned down the apartment complex in my attempt to cook dinner. Frozen pizza is definitely the way to go!

  2. Oh yeah,I can go a couple days on straight frozen Pizza,Mozz sticks etc. Horrible for you but done fast with minimal clean up.

  3. That Frazier pic is the same one used on his Stadium Club card.