Saturday, January 24, 2015

Not Your Average Collector

All the years I've spent collecting sports cards ,I never paid much attention to the number on the backs of them.I loved looking at the stats and reading bits and pieces about a particular player,but always saw the  number as a way to look  up the card In a price guide to determine it's value.I mean,I knew the numbers referred to the amount of cards In the set ,and were there to better assist  the completist,but I never once got the urge to complete a set.Don't get me wrong,completing a set sounds like a fun thing to do,but the irresponsible,"start something and never finish" side of me tells me to stay as far away from that endeavor as possible.I'm more of a cherry picker,opting to go after cards that strike a nostalgic nerve ,reminding me of a simpler time.So that's what my "collecting" goal Is as of now. I've got a chunky binder which I'd like to fill with stars/common stars starting with the more popular card brands released In 1986. I've already started by adding a couple of 86 Donruss but still need to add a few 86 Topps and Fleer into that mix.

I've got quite a few '87 Topps and Donruss already ,just need some 87 Fleer goodness, now.BTW If anybody needs  fillers from the aforementioned sets,let me know and I can send them your way.I have lots more in boxes.

I recently picked up a set of 1988 Topps Traded but It didn't yield many stars.I love the Gibson,though. 

There's a big gap that I'll have to fill from 1989-2000 and that should keep me busy for a little while.The truth of the matter Is that I might give up on this venture prematurely  as well ,but what the heck.It will be fun while It lasts .So yeah,I may leave things half done most of the time,but I'm cool with that,because It gives me something to do later.I'm also horrible at rationalizing.


  1. I have to be careful about starting too many sets at once. My problem is every time I bust a box of cards I want to complete that set.

  2. Im happy just having the majority or at least a healthy chunk of the key cards from a set.