Saturday, January 17, 2015

Singles Only

I'll be making this a recurring post,showing you recent singles acquired via eBay or  purchased packs.I'll start this off with a couple new d'Arnaud's and a Juan Lagares.If you haven't gotten the chance to watch this kid (Lagares) play CF ,do yourself a favor and put It on your "to do" list.He's a combination of Carlos Beltran and Andruw Jones with the glove,and his hitting Is slowly starting to come around.

The Den Dekker I pulled from a  2014 Topps pack .He's another nice little glove out there In center.And he's got a really cool name.

This Guerrero Is  another  pack pulled card and from my understanding,the Dodgers are pretty high on this guy.At 28 years of age,Alex's years are numbered In the Majors although he may be able to contribute some ,come the 2015 season.

Michael Wacha Is a beast,and I must say that It felt good to pull a Topps Future Stars card again after what,25 years?I feel like his last name should be inside of  a comic book action bubble.  

This one came from eBay.Jose Abreu will be another guy who's cards I will be looking out for ,actively.  

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