Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Don't Call It A Comeback! (Nightowl Inspired)

Andre Ethier was a beast.A quiet,unassuming talent who let his bat do all the talking.And he still Is,quiet,unassuming ,only this time around his bat hasn't been doing much talking.But as of late,things seem to be coming together again for the 2 time All-Star who placed 6th In the MVP voting back In '09.Last year,In 341  at  bats ,Ethier  hit all but  4 homers and drove In a scant 42  runs.This year ,however, Ethier has bounced back ,not all the way back,but back,nonetheless.He's already got 9 more homers than last year ,and he's done that in fewer at bats.The RBI total Is about the same but he's upped his OBP. from .322 last year to .373 In 2015.Not only that but he's helped his first place Dodgers stay afloat In the N.L. west  by hitting .329 with 3 HR and 9 RBI In his last 30 games.But don't call It a comeback,Ethier has been here for years!


  1. Ethier is the perfect case of a player defined by his contract. He is still a good player, especially against right handed pitching. The contract is so bad though that people automatically think he sucks. He is just untradeable.

  2. He's a true professional,and a solid contributor.I've always rooted for him ,so long as he wasn't killing my Mets.