Friday, September 18, 2015

Boring RC's

How did such big name stars end up with such bland looking rookie cards?Take this 84 Mattingly for instance.Pretty iconic now,but that doesn't negate the "meh" appeal.It's just a head shot.If the Donruss photographer would have panned down we might have seen him swinging three bats,shagging a pop fly or juggling grenades,but we'll never know exactly what feats of awesomeness the Hit Man was performing at the time of that pic.Then again,who knows,he was probably just scratching his butt.

Here's another great example.Hall of Famer Craig Biggio must have been coaching third base when Topps decided to snap this pic.It doesn't get anymore hum drum than this.

The supposed lure of the 2001 Fleer Tradition card was the blurred action shot to the right or sometimes left of the depicted players head shot.I have this whole set and Tex Is the only card In the bunch that Is missing that action shot.What happened?I think this would have been a nice RC of Teixeira but the pronounced omission makes It just another boring head shot.  


  1. I bought a fair amount of 2001 Fleer Tradition at the time, and I've never seen that Teixeira card. That's really odd. Couldn't they find a player another Texas Ranger to stand in for Tex in the action shot?

  2. Ive looked it up and havent found any with the shot so i guess its just an uncorrected error.And thanks for stopping by ;)