Thursday, September 24, 2015

1975 TCMA Gehrig /DiMaggio Card Plus Panini Oddities

This TCMA Yankees World Champions card was given to me by a friend a while back.I don't know much about them ,but from what I've researched ,there were sets of these produced  starting as early as 1972. They're pretty odd actually and are about the size of your standard postcards.Maybe someone out there with a couple years on me remembers them,cuz I sure don't. Still a pretty cool piece to own.

These next couple of pics are of some Panini stickers that were given to my mom by our neighbor who shortly after ,passed away.They seem to be from the 60's era but I'm not so sure about It.Any help In identifying them would be mucho appreciated!


  1. I still,for the life of me ,cannot find these things online anywhere.I had a guy who collects Panini look at them and he even said that he couldn't find them listed on any checklists.