Monday, September 14, 2015

Catcher Collection Part 1

Through the years,I've learned to appreciate the many different aspects of Major League Baseball.As a kid I enjoyed watching  hulking corner outfielders blast pitch after pitch out of the stratosphere.I loved a good offensive match up between two teams that were stacked with power hitters.  Then,as I got older ,I began to appreciate small ball.The match ups within the match up.The lanky , almost goth like 7 footer throwing heat past the big bad bully with a bat who's sole intention Is to return that delivery back and preferably past the sender.The crafty "Rembrandt" who reminded us all that nothing buckles the knees of a 235 pound giant  better than a well placed curve-ball .But It wasn't until a Cardinal game I watched In 2013,where then rookie Shelby Miller, one hit  the Rockies,that I realized what a young pitcher could accomplish with a solid catcher at the helm.Of course It was none other than Yadier Molina behind the plate that night,and Shelby wasted no time In giving Yadi  credit- "I feel really good," Miller said. "It's definitely the best game I've thrown in my life. How it finished was unbelievable. It was a great experience. Yadi (catcher Yadier Molina) was calling a great game and they were making great plays for me. It was a start I'll remember the rest of my life." That's when I realized the beauty of a well called game!That's when I truly began to appreciate the catcher position In baseball. Now,Shelby gets most of the credit here,as he was executing pitch after pitch flawlessly and ultimately got credited with the win.But I saw this game In It's entirety.I watched Yadi move In and out and side to side on hitters like  a crouched square dancer.I saw him peak In on guys to make sure they weren't peaking,making snap throws all the  while keeping young Shelby Miller working,  and It was all so damn intriguing!Catchers,well most good ones, are  stoic leaders.They don't show much emotion and most of the time are the ones hurting the most on the field.Some beat you strategically while others choose to use their cannons to gun down the opposition.Some have both  capabilities...yikes!Long story short,I've decided to put together a small collection of  catcher cards.All cards must depict the catcher In his gear ,that's It.While I prefer the full body shots of them throwing,pretty much any geared up catcher card will make the cut.Also,the majority of the cards shown will be of back ups .Big named catchers will be featured In a special All-Star edition post.

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