Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Celebrating The Undervalued and Quite Often Underrated Second Year Card

While alot of  Topps second year cards featured the All -Star Rookie cup ,many,equally great,alternate brand second year cards didn't.The Davis '86 Donruss comes to mind. I'm still partial to the rookie cups , though.It ranks up there with the Donruss's Rated Rookie logo.I don't think Fleer ever came out with any kind of logo or design dedicated to rookies and /or second year players.At least none that I can remember off the top of my head.

What the hell happened to Wally Joyner?!?


  1. The Joyner is definitely one of my favorite '87s.

  2. Years back i bought a box of 87 Topps just to reaquire cards like that Joyner,Bo Jacksons FS and Bonds rc.I struck out with the Bonds but pulled one Joyner and an off centered ,badly gum stained Bo Jackson.