Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Singles Only

These Topps Tek cards look pretty damn cool.I haven't been this excited about a particular brand of baseball card since Topps Turkey Red.I'll be looking to add more of these to the collection.I'm not sure If they'll be hobby shop exclusive or If they'll be available at Target,but either way I'll be looking out for them.

This was an impulse buy,won on ebay with a .99 cent  bid, shipped free.It's a great looking card.I've had this sudden urge to collect Robin Yount  and I'm not 100% sure why,but look out for more Yount goodness In "Singles Only" posts to come.  


  1. I like the Tek cards too. Just wish they hadn't made it so high end. It is a perfect set to cherry pick off of eBay. I've been trying to win the Gregory Polanco auto for sometime, but can't seem to hold one down yet.

  2. That's exactly what I plan on doing for the most part.I've already seen a few Tek lots that I may go after at some point.