Friday, February 13, 2015

A Good Time To Be Back

2008 was the last time I seriously collected baseball cards.From '06 to '08 ,I regularly picked up packs of Topps baseball cards,mainly on the strength of the player selection.Guys like Fielder, Hanley Ramirez  and Zimmerman were making their marks on their respective teams and my Mets were competing!Nothing about Topps cards designs throughout that three year span really wowed me,though.They were always nice,shiny and crisp out of the packs, but It was more so the players that sparked my interest.Flash forward to the present ,and while there are still lots of great players and young up and comers In this years release, It's Topps 2015 card design that has me wanting to compulsively hunt down packs and packs of them this winter.Last night my family and I braved the elements to pick up some paint for our bathroom at our local Home Depot  and made a quick stop at a nearby Wal Mart,where I snagged up this rack pack!How fitting that the first card Is of  Mets team captain, David Wright. Topps and I have already started things off on the right foot ;)

Three Metsies right off the bat,not bad. 

I've heard a lot of good things about Soler . It's not often that you get a players regular base and parallel  RC In the same pack.The Cubs seem to be on the right track with their young crop of sluggers.It's about time the Cubbies start making some National League noise.They'll be a fun team to watch this year.

Here we have a Highlight of the Year insert.I'm not crazy about inserts,but this card design has a classy,nostalgic feel to it that appeals to me.It almost feels like I should be smoking a bent billiard pipe while looking at and reading the back of this card.

First Home run insert.These seem O.K. If you can manage to pull a player you like.The backs leave much to be desired.  

                           The man.The myth.The Legend.Mike Trout.He's a cyborg,I'm convinced.Hard to                                  believe he's been In the league for 4 years now.Check out those numbers!

Longo!You can't "not like" this guy.Professional hitter,class act and hitting machine describes Tampa Bay's franchise player, Evan Longoria.You don't get signed to a 50 year contract for nuthin'.    

Enjoy the pics people and thanks for reading! 


  1. I think the Mets coloration is some of the best in the set.

    1. It really Is.The orange and blue blend surprisingly well.

  2. I love that Trout's worst year was his MVP year. He should have won in 2013 and you can make a really solid case for 2012.

    1. Trout Is Insane.Looking forward to more great seasons out of em'.

  3. The Cubs have some great RCs in this years Topps offering.The last Cub prospect I had extremely high hopes for was Felix Pie back in 2003, i think.