Saturday, February 14, 2015

Trade With Baseball Card Breakdown

Shout out to Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown for sending some Met awesomeness my way. The fact that I received It on Valentines day shows that you really care.Seriously,though,great stuff here and I'll start things off with a little J Rey.I loved Jose Reyes as a Met and when we failed to re-sign him ,It was kind of a bummer.Up until that point I had amassed a nice little collection of Reyes cards but stopped collecting his stuff  when he became a Marlin.I've made It a collecting goal of sorts to pick up his Marlins and Jays cards now, and Gavin has helped me get that ball rolling with these beauties.The Upper Deck Ovation (always liked this design) and X-ponential cards I hadn't picked up yet.I'm loving the '14 Topps card as a Marlin  and  the Triple Play  sticker as well.

Todd Hundley. Switch hitting catcher who rakes In all of my  late 90's PS1 Baseball video games,Is a welcomed addition to my Met collection.Check out the interesting factoid on the back of the card,underneath his stat lines.Piazza made that a moot point In 1998.

I loved Darren Oliver In '06 coming out of the bullpen.He was a crafty lefty and I wish we would have given him one more season.Just a solid pitcher.

Elvis wasn't the only Presley to leave the building.Poor Kirk never did get beamed up.Where's Scotty when ya need em'!

Next we have a couple of Met oldies but goodies. Gooden,Hernandez and Koosman.The Hernandez card looks like he's lighting a dynamite fuse.The Koosman card will go to my dad.He's always clamoring on about the 69 Mets and how good they were,so I'll be placing this baby on his dresser so he can see It everyday when he wakes and before he goes to sleep.You wanted '69 Mets you got em.

I'm super excited about these Flores cards as I have a few of his early, prospect cards,but not many of his ,more recent ,Mets stuff.

I'm actively collecting d'Arnaud  so Gavin hooked It up with a Gypsy Queen RC that I'm really diggin'!He also threw In a base 2014 Donruss RC which I have already,so If anybody Is interested ,drop me an e-mail. 

Any Mets prospects after 2008 are non existent In my collection so being able to add a Plaweckie  (currently rated number 2  Met prospect),Puello,Vaughn and Ramos to the collection Is an enormous plus.

This was a much needed Canseco as most of the cards I have of Jose are of the  Oakland Athletics variety.Yes,I collect Canseco.I hope you guys can find It In your heart to forgive me,lol. 

Finally,I've saved the best for last!Gavin must have read my mind because I never told him that I've been tirelessly hunting down a 1989 Topps slightly green parallel 1/1 Mookie Wilson for the better part of my adult life now.I must admit to clenching my chest and my left arm numbing a little upon finding this gem of a Mookie card nestled in between  '97 Bowman cards of Corey Erickson and Brett Herbison.I'm speechless,literally because i'm typing and not talking. Gavin,I loved everything buddy and hope that what I've sent you will  also be well received.Thank you :)   


  1. Great cards! Love the glow-in-the-dark 1/1.

  2. I had a feeling it was glow in the dark lol.I figured It was either that or toxic luminescence.

  3. Ha, glad you liked the cards. Yeah, be sure to charge up that Mookie next to a bright light for a minute then get it in the dark to witness its awesome power. Looking forward to the cards from you. Thanks again for the trade!

    1. I already did ,and no problem at all!That Spencer relic along with some other goodies are on the way :)