Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Hour

                                     Eric Anthony Goes Yard !

This IS a sports pub so what better name for a recurring post.These will be posts about unforgettable sports moments that I've experienced ,either in person or on television.They may not be significant to the sports world as a whole but they were to me, as I was there to witness It live.Enter Eric Anthony.I'm not sure about the exact date,but It was sometime In the late 80's,I want to say 1989.My cousin and I just so happened to tune In to an Astros game and Anthony was up to bat.The announcer said something about the young power prospect still looking for his first Major League hit ,when right on queue,Eric Anthony delivered with a long ball.I looked at my cousin In disbelief because we had just jokingly predicted It.I'll never forget that day.Anyways,congrats Eric Anthony on being the first subject of  many Happy Hour's to come!

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