Monday, July 27, 2015

The Can Stash!- Oakland,Texas,Boston Pt. 2

This 1988 Topps was the card that begot the whole Canseco obsession.I wanted to have long hair like Canseco.I wanted to hit like Canseco.I wanted to have a nervous twitch like Canseco.Hell ,I wanted to fart like Canseco.In the late 80's, everyone was trying to be like Mike.Not me.I was at our neighborhood sandlot baseball field  ,at the plate with an open stance,waiving the barrel of the bat around ,swinging hard and missing,just like Canseco.  

I've had this Japanese Free Agent Draft Kalifornia Kardz Canseco since childhood.What Is a Kalifornia Kard?  I dunno. But It sounds like It would be a great question..err. answer on Jeopardy.

I feel like this card Is better suited for Caitlyn Jenner.

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