Saturday, July 11, 2015

What Happened To Michael Burgess?

Back when I was heavily collecting Bowman,Michael Burgess was the talk of the town.A budding superstar who hit many a prodigious blast while In High School and early In his minors career,Burgess has struggled mightily as of late.It sucks because I've been monitoring his career,hoping he'd pull through and make a mark In the Majors, but sadly that hasn't happened.His career Minor League numbers aren't horrible.He's hit .250 with 150 HR's and 505 RBI over the course of 9 years.I remember pulling this Bowman X-Fractor Auto and feeling pretty excited about It.At that time ,It's book value was a little over 150 bucks If I'm not mistaken.I'm not sure what It goes for today.I did see one listed on eBay for $17.99 ,so that right there should be an indicator of  Burgess's overall popularity,right now.Maybe he'll bust out of It one day,get called up and  jack 50 homers ,steal 50 bases,release his own sneaker line and be named the league MVP.Or not.

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