Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mack The Hack!

Have you ever kind of  thought It would be a good idea to pick up a certain players card,only to find out you already had It?I did that today!I'm not sure what the thought process was or what made me think about "back In the day" Mets catcher Sasser in the first place,but I did.I remembered his bad case of the yips and how much cooler that made him In my eyes.I'm not sure If It was a disorder,and If It  Is then I apologize to anyone else who may also have It,and for thinking It was cool.  God knows Mackey suffered through some frustrating games with that infamous double clutch toss back to the pitcher.

    UPDATE: According to Wikipedia, Sasser began double clutching after a bad collision with the Brave's Jim Presley.Not sure how accurate that Is.

Long story short - my dad and I loved Mackey,double clutch and all,and earlier today I thought about picking up his RC.Well It turns out I already had It!An '88 Topps Traded to be exact,so yeah,pretty cool right?I think I may even have his 88 Donruss Rated Rookie (In a Pirate uni) somewhere  ,not sure,though.Sasser -which btw Is one of my all time favorite last names for a baseball player - was solid at the plate for the Mets In the 5 years he spent with them,playing back up to  late Mets great Gary Carter.


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