Thursday, July 30, 2015

Car-Go,A No-Go

I was a bit stunned to hear the news last night about Carlos Gomez coming back to the Mets.I wasn't happy or angry,just - stunned.On one hand I was sad to see Gomez leave the Mets back In '07,because he was what the Mets were all about at that time.He fit the mold of that particular Met team which featured lots of free swinging,speed + power guys.So In that sense,yeah I was sad to see him go to the Twins.He would go on to put up mediocre numbers with Minnesota and career numbers with Brewers.By then, for obvious monetary reasons,Sandy Alderson had taken over this once flashy,swagger-filled organization and  converted It into the complete opposite.A rag tag team of  back up players like Eric Young ,Jr. mixed with minor league pitching talents like Harvey and Wheeler,  all hungry to contribute. These weren't the "see the ball,hit the ball" players of yesteryear.On the contrary,The Mets morphed Into a more subdued bunch,concerned more with getting on base and producing quality starts.As much as I disliked this hum drum style of play,It has grown on me.And I think It has grown on the players as well .Which brings me back to Gomez.I like Gomez,as a Brewer.They are a team of free swingers and Gomez fits that bill.I don't think Gomez's style of play and sometimes  hotheadedness  would have translated well onto this Mets team.I'm kind of glad the deal fell through,not because I dislike Gomez.But because I think things wouldn't have went well for him here.Which In turn would have caused distractions  to a young Mets team that has done so well at overcoming the media hype and learned to play the game with ,for lack of a better term,horse blinders.

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