Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Blood, In NY!

I must say that while I'm not blown away by the acquisitions of Uribe ,Johnson and Clippard,I am overall pleased.I like the versatility you get In Johnson and Uribe. Clippard,while not what he used to be, brings  some toughness to our bullpen.These guys are all gamers and already have made a mark with the Metsies. Hindsight Is 20/20 ,but I think all three will mesh well.Here's hoping Sandy can pick us up another bat to solidify this offense.I decided to search my collection for cards of  Clip,Uribe and Johnson.I had tons of Clippards but only a couple Kelly Johnson's (I'm pretty sure I have more somewhere) and one Uribe.

Tyler Clippard-

Kelly Johnson - 

Juan Uribe - 


  1. Not too many people enjoy hitting homeruns more than Juan Uribe.

  2. And he enjoyed himself today with a solo shot!But we lost :(