Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Singles Only

Welcome to another edition of  Singles Only.The part of this blog that chronicles the unhurried process of  rebuilding my collection of rookie card,prospect and star players of the last decade,a couple cards at a time.There will be the occasional vintage card here and there but for the most part,just guys that I've missed out on since putting the brakes on card collecting back in '07.

The elephant In the room In regards to my current collection Is the fact that I have very few  Mike Trout's.I like to have RC's of major players,like Cabrera.Pujols,Cano,Jeter etc.They don't have to be their most valuable RC either.Just one RC of  a major star Is good for me.I stopped collecting In '07,and since the emergence of big names like Harper,Stanton,Trout and Bryant has been on the rise.That's what's so great about the world of sports,In this case MLB.There are always young bucks chomping at the bit ,ready to take the league by storm,who will ultimately supplant the current faces of the game.Mike Trout has done just that.The prospect of owning a Trout RC has me,well,wanting a Mike Trout RC.I think his All Star game performance pretty much cemented that urge.The guy Is a sparkplug.A Bosch sparkplug.And since I probably won't be affording his RC any time soon or ever,I figured I'd snag up his second year card.With a player of his caliber,I would have liked to have him swinging away or stealing a base In this card,but In hand I really like It.Next up,Michael Conforto!

Gavin would be so proud!Pull tab/painters tape awareness has caught on!One removed piece of painter's tape later and Voila!No sticky left over residue!Mr.Gavin,you truly are a catalyst ;)

Any day you are able to add a Mike Trout and Conforto In a residue-less top loader to your collection Is a lovely day!


  1. I wish I had more Trout cards too, but man are they expensive. The guy is an absolute beast.

  2. His auto cards especially.I'll just be going after most of his recent base cards.