Monday, November 2, 2015

Ecstatic We Made It To The World Series,Elated That It's Over With!

I remember getting on the "Over The Falls" log ride with my 8 year old daughter  this past summer,and shamelessly expressing my outright fear of  getting on It.I'm not one of those macho dads that hides his fear of things behind a fake Superman crest on his chest.If I'm afraid of something ,I'm gonna let you know about It.It's sad I know It,my daughter has bigger cojones than I do,lol.You see,this ride has no seat belts ,just a bar you hang onto as you   go plummeting down 100 feet or so into a shallow pool of water that breaks the fall and splashes the crap out of you.My stomach just Isn't what It used to be.Anyways,2 minutes into the ride and I realized ,at that point,that there was no turning back.This unassuming little log raft ride that was slowly approaching the foot of the hill, slowly tugged us up to the top ,before the clanking sound of whatever metal mechanism It was holding us onto the track  ,released us into a scream inducing free fall.This Is the best metaphor I could think of.The Mets In the World Series was the Log ride ,my couch was the log raft and wouldn't you know It,sitting right next to me,accompanying me through It all was my daughter.There was no turning back now.My Mets were In the World Series and I was going to have to endure every nail biting  minute  of It.The first two  games I caught at my parents house,with my nephew and my dad but It was the final three,at my place, that took the most out of me.My daughter watched  a few innings  with me and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much she's learned about the game.She knew the count and kept me current whenever a bathroom or drink break was In order.When I say drink,I'm referring to water.That's all I had throughout the entire series.Water.I didn't even snack on anything,I couldn't. My stomach was In knots the whole time.Fans on certain forums say that this Is a once  In a lifetime experience and that I should enjoy every moment of It.Bullshit.Although seeing my guys up there wearing World Series patches on their unis and grabbing headlines was extremely cool,It was far from  enjoyable  to watch Cespedes,Wright,Murphy and Duda kick the ball around like a game of  hacky sack. What really broke my heart was watching the excitement In my daughters eyes when they reversed the Flores tag up play In game 4.Ever since the crying incident,Flores has become her favorite Met.She never stood up long enough to watch game endings,so every morning she'd ask me If we won or lost.Sadly I 'd have to break the bad news to her the next day.While she wasn't distraught like her dad was,I could see It starting to bug her.She hated to see the Royals celebrating In the dugout.I secretly did too,but had to explain to her that they were just excited and had every right to celebrate.I didn't want her to develop hatred for another team so early In her Mets fandom.I can't remember why but  at one point she even got mad  at Ned Yost,lol,the calmest guy In the Royals dugout!There are some positives,though.Namely,the fact that the Mets made It to the World Series.We lost,yeah,but had an epic postseason run.Hell It was an epic run period,since day one of the 2015 season.I'm so fucking proud of our pitching staff. I've never seen a crop of young players/pitchers be so damn fearless on the mound.I mean Matz had all but 6 major league starts before falling right in the thick of a pennant race.And he answered the call like a seasoned veteran ,while most 24 year old rookie hurlers would have folded under the pressure. I also got to watch the fall classic with my dad and  football fanatic nephew,who because of this years Mets team has a new found  love for the game of baseball.Lastly,the fire I saw In my daughters eyes during game four made It all worth It.She loves the fact that Matz Is a hometown kid who still lives with his parents and makes the short commute daily to the ball park.She loves the fact that Syndergaards nickname Is Thor.She loves the fact that Flores cried on the diamond because of how much he loved being a Met.She hates the fact that Royals fans refer to  Jacob Degrom as Caitlin Jenner.And I love the fact that my 8 year old daughter Is beginning to fall In love with the NY Mets. And just as she did that summer on the log ride ,she'll be there to hold my hand through what  will hopefully be more gut wrenching ,exciting yet fear inducing  Mets National League championships and World Series appearances!Can I get a -  LETS GO METS!LETS GO METS!


  1. Let's Go Mets! Let's Go Mets!

    A great season, better than I could have hoped for when it started.

  2. Exactly!Nice to hear from a fellow Met fan ;) Just added you to the old blog list,too.