Sunday, October 25, 2015

Careful What You Wish For...

Be careful what you wish for.Remember that old saying?Ever since Beltran took a called third strike In '06 ,sealing a Mets World Series elimination ,I've been In a kind of numb,sleep walk.I had gotten so used to failure  ,with all the front office legal issues that came after,ultimately handcuffing any and all future attempts at making any significant signings.The disbanding of  one of my all time favorite Mets team would ensue with the trade of Beltran and the failed attempt at resigning Jose Reyes.After that It was kind of like,whatever.A Mets World Series Is something I've wished for, more so after those past failure's because of how close we got.Well,now we're In the World Series,and I'm literally sick to my stomach because of It.I'm not sure how I will react to us losing .It's this defeatist little voice inside my head saying "Well,you asked to be In the World Series,now what?"It's not that I don't have faith In my team,because even since the beginning of the playoffs,I knew our young pitchers would show up and give 100 plus percent effort.It's just that,I really don't want to loose,but If we do I'm going to have  to figure out a way to cope with  It.I can't walk around Zombified again like In '06.I won't be able to jump off of  my roof because It's not very high and I'd probably just suffer a broken ankle from the fall,subsequently landing me in a hospital bed right next to a K.C. fan who also broke his ankle because of  excessive celebrating.To say that I'm a little neurotic would be an understatement.I'm actually beyond being very neurotic.Hyper neurotic maybe,If that  term even exists.Or maybe I'm just hyper.IDK.One thing's for sure.I'll be watching the series with my dad.Staunch Met fan #1.Now I can scratch "Watch Mets World Series With Dad.." off my bucket list.And then hopefully,I'll also be able to put a line through "Watch The Mets Win The World Series With Dad!".Worst comes to worst,I can  always scratch off "Cry Like A Little Girl With Dad After Mets Lose World Series.."

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