Saturday, October 3, 2015

Singles Only

Cherry picking cards off of Ebay can be risky.As demanding as It may seem ,I find that If a seller has a  quantity of the card your purchasing,a polite note to sender may get you the better looking one of the bunch. I've had sellers send me off -centered singles or cards with noticeably bad corners.I can expect that from an older card.Also,when a seller states that a card Is new ,just out of pack ,It's not saying much.Even the newer stuff can sometimes come right out of a pack with minor factory defects.These are the newest additions to my collection and for the most part,all cards came In decent shape.The Rizzo has one corner that's kind of off but I'm not going to let It bug me.The good centering off sets that.It's not like I'm ever going to have them graded so ,no biggie.

I've been after this Correa for the longest .I was  finally able to find one for a decent price as most of his stuff seems to be going up in value as of late. It's a pedestrian paper  Bowman Prospects ,but I believe It's a first year card.

I didn't realize how bad ass Rizzo was until I decided to look at the back of his baseball card.The Cubs epic playoff run also has alot to do with It.I might still go after his first year Bowman that has him In a Red Sox uni.

I recently got rid of a couple Jeter rookies,a move I now regret. Looks like I'll be working my way ,slowly back to acquiring them again ,but In the meantime a third year card will do.I love picking up earlier  cards of established stars  that have "Future Star" or  some kind of predictive header on them because It makes me say to myself  "You know what,they were right!".So many undeserving players got the "Future Star "label put on their cards and never amounted to much In the big leagues.Remember Mike Harkey? 


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