Thursday, October 22, 2015

Congrats To My Metsies!

Please forgive my lack of posts,for I have been In a bit of a trance due to this years  Mets epic playoff run. I'm not about to go off on some long prophetic rant about how I knew the Mets would make It Into the World Series because frankly, I knew that It could have gone either way.I liked our chances and knew that our pitching would show up,I just wasn't sure about our offense.I certainly wouldn't have foreseen the big blue  machine that was Daniel Murphy throughout pretty much the entire playoffs.To me,Murph was  the epitome of a player making the most out of an opportunity.He knew the size and importance of the stage he was on ,and  put on one hell of a show.The Mets can be streaky.We can go a week without hitting the ball,and then turn around and rake for two weeks.Our stretch of  timely hitting couldn't have come at a better time.I don't have cable,so I was forced to watch every game on MLB's Gameday,pitch by pitch.It really wasn't so bad.In fact It was cool to see every pitch location ,determining what calls the umps were getting wrong.At some points In the game,I felt like Mets pitching was being squeezed a bit,but no use In crying over spilled milk.We're advancing and that's all that matters right now.I'm still In shock of It all but should be back to normal as the excitement wears down.The Dodgers made things interesting and Justin Turner was a thorn In our side throughout.Adrian Gonzalez wasn't the force that I expected him to be,which In hindsight was  a good thing. The Cubs definitely had presence.Every guy In that lineup could hurt you in various ways.From game 1 all the way to 4 ,I think I came up for air once.I did ,however, expect more out of them,and I don't think I'm alone In that sentiment.I know they'll be back with a vengeance next year.In the meantime,looks like I'll be keeping tabs on the Jays and Royals to see who we get to match up against.

Honorable Mentions-
Bartolo Colon
Addison Reed
Michael Cuddyer
Kelly Johnson
John Niese

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