Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Pack Of 2012 Pro Debut From Cuz!

My uncle's In town from the sunshine state,and this time he had a pack of 2012 Topps Pro Debut for me,a gift from my cousin.My cousin and I are damn near 40 but still act like where 10 whenever we get to visit each other from out of state.As kids we collected everything.Whatever was hot at the time,we had.Even now we'll sit and talk for hours about past collections we had as well as the way things currently are In the world of collectibles and adult gaming.It's funny because those talks will then spill over into politics, the state of the world and then regress back into Star Wars and G.I. Joe.Insane ,right?The important thing Is that we get each other.So I get home to crack open the pack and realize that the top card had been damaged!A crease on the lower right hand corner of  a Kevin Pillar "Pro Debut", UGGHH!I saw that the rest of the cards had a slight warp to them but no creases,so that was cool.What's even cooler Is that the  back card was of  2015 MVP Bryce Harper!You gotta be shittin' me!Before opening the pack,I told my girlfriend how I would love to pull a Harper and the hobby gods must have been  listening. I can buy 5 packs of something and not get the card I want,so pulling a Bryce Harper out of a pack of 8 cards ain't too shabby.The good thing was that Old Brycie had a slight warp on the lower right hand corner but no crease.So I let It sit in between a couple of  heavy card boxes overnight and slabbed It this morning.Like new ;)Oh,and I also got a Profar,so,not bad!A big shout to my cousin for hooking It up :)

Excuse the nail polish.My daughter likes to do her nails on our computer desk :/

This Lee cat was a prospect at some point,I'm sure of It.Don't know what he's up to these days.

Score!Love this card!

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