Saturday, November 7, 2015

90's Football Video Game King - Barry Sanders!

I've always been a fan of baseball,but didn't really get into football until I started playing Tecmo Bowl on the NES.That Super Bowl between the Broncos and the Giants In 87 kind of lit the fire ,but it was the video games that fanned the flames.My first memories of Tecmo Bowl was rushing for a 70 plus run touchdown with Bo Jackson ,down In my buddies basement.I must have been 12 or 13 then.After that I was hooked!The legend of Tecmo would ensue on the SNES and later, Madden  would come In and dominate the genre .Chronologically,I should have started this themed post with Bo Jackson,but I don't have any of his cards at the moment.However,I recently picked up  a card of my second favorite all time football video game player,Barry Sanders!Yeah,he was awesome In real life,but untouchable In video games.I remember getting Into arguments with anyone who chose the Lions on Madden or Super Tecmo Bowl because It usually meant game over for me.In single player  season modes,I would dominate with Sanders,Perriman and Herman Moore,usually making It to the playoffs.I'm thinking about making this a recurring theme,featuring not only football but also baseball and basketball video game legends.

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