Friday, November 13, 2015

Night Owl Covers All The Bases!

A little while ago,Night Owl dropped a post on some 2015 Topps Update he had just acquired.The Syndergaard and Matz rc's really caught my eye as I had no idea they would be featured In the set.I haven't been In pack buying mode lately,so I figured why not cherry pick on Ebay or try to acquire the Syndi and Matz through a trade.Night Owls next post touched on   World Series night games , and how a collection of World Series night game cards was In order.I just so happened to have what he was looking for as well as some cards on his want list,so an E-Mail was sent and a trade initiated.Night Owl covered all the bases , sending me the meat and potatoes part of the trade (Syndergaard and Matz),as well as some other much needed cards on my want list.

I love  It when bloggers take the extra time to add little thank you notes to their trade packages.It's something I rarely do.Shame on me.The face card was totally unexpected but a welcomed addition.A Mets fan can never have too many Degroms In his/her collection.

Now this was the card I drooled a little bit over when catching a glimpse of It on N.O. blog.My first thoughts were - "Man, now I gotta go see If our local Wal Mart has any '15 Update stocked because I desperately need that Syndergaard!" My second thoughts were - "Man, now I gotta leave the house just to go see If our local Wal Mart has any '15 Update stocked because I desperately need that Syndergaard!" My third thoughts were "Fuck that,I'm not going anywhere I'll just Email Night Owl and see If we can work out a trade or something". Next thing you know-"BAM!"

The Boy Wonder ,Steven Matz!

I don't have alot of contemporary stuff,so anything from 2010 to 2013 Is pretty much non existent In my collection.Hence the appreciation of this awesome Panini Hometown Heroes Puig rc!

While I'm not crazy about the original Topps Rookie Cup design,I welcome any of  Dee Gordon's  baseball cards Into my collection .I hope to one day see him leading off for the NY Mets. 

1988 Topps Jose Canseco!This was the card that started It all.1988 marked the beginning of my baseball card collecting ways.This was the card that lit the fuse.So anybody out there holding onto a surplus of this particular card,let me know!I will gladly take them off your hands.

Another card on my want list,this 89 Topps Jefferies Is a personal favorite of mine.It's just a great looking card and one I wouldn't mind having multiples of either.

A new Yadi!By far my favorite Catcher with Salvy Perez coming In 2nd.I'd love for  Molina to come over and platoon with Darnaud at some point In his career.Could you imagine how much more dangerous Degrom ,Syndergaard and Harvey would be with this guy sitting behind the plate?!? 

Night Owl must have read my catcher collection post as he threw In a couple of  gems ,especially the Mayne.


Thanks again for the trade N.O.Now I don't feel as obligated to go out and get any Update ;)  


  1. Always happy to save a fellow collector a trip to Walmart.

  2. You definitely saved me the leg work.Thanks again for the trade, friend ;)