Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Random Cardboard Awesomeness!

George Brett "Inaction" since he's not really moving In this shot.Still a great card!

The kid!

Murray had the best sideburns,man!

1987 Topps Pete Rose

1987 Topps Pete......hey wait a minute...

This Sierra has always been a personal fav,but someone In design completely overlooked the fact that this card should have been stamped with the Rated Rookie logo.
Guerrero was a player I never got to see enough of back In his playing days.A Youtubing of P.G. AB's Is In order.  

Edgar was such a good hitter,he should have been a lefty.

I loved Delgado as a Met but alot of Met fans blamed his decline In N.Y. on his first born baby,lol!I know It's highly insensitive but ya gotta call a spade a spade.Post bambino ,Delgado stunk It up. 

Walk off walk,I guarantee It.

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