Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Favorite 9 (Right Now)

First off,a special thanks to Junior Junkie , the inspiration behind this post .I had fun.Oh,and thanks for the quick and  quality cut and paste job (butchered Kris Bryant aside) with the card pics I sent over . Homie Is pretty damn fast!Initially ,this wasn't as hard as I thought It would be,but In retrospect ,some very cool cards In my collection got overlooked.Not that the 9 I chose aren't "Favorite 9" worthy   ,because they most certainly are.In fact I think I was pretty honest with myself about It,even though I could have easily added to the list.It's kind of like when someone says something and then asks you to say the first thing that comes to your mind.Well,these were the first 9 that came to my mind.I love the 9 cards I chose.These cards get stared at a little longer than the others when I'm rummaging through my  collection.The level of admiration I have for some are based on star power,while others,like the Canseco,Jefferies and Jones, are just childhood favorites.So without further adieu,  my favorite 9 right now....


  1. Yeah, I noticed the chopped Bryant, too. You'll have a new card in that spot soon enough... :-)

  2. I already thought you were a cool customer, Tone, but including the '89 Topps Jefferies card just bumped you up to an altogether higher level of 'cool' !!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Mark ;)Isn't It the best card ever?!?