Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Kaz Delivers!

A short while back,I posted about a player that I was going to start collecting,Nick Markakis. Mark Kaz from This Way to the Clubhouse decided to help out by sending me a few Markakis cards and a couple of Cansecos to boot!So,a big thank you to Mark for that random act of kindness.It's not everyday that someone just offers up cards like that  ,so I truly am grateful. Now,on to the cards....

Here's a nice Markakis  Fleer  Rookie Sensations.Kenji Johjima came out In this set ,too, so I  believe these came out In 2006 .

Laying out to make the grab!

I'm not a big A&G guy.I never picked any up at retail at the height of my card collecting back In 2006,and I still don't.I can,however,appreciate the distinguished design.  

As much as I liked the Markakis cards,this one here Is my favorite of the bunch.  
 What an awesome Canseco card this Is!I really dig the credit card novelty.I never  knew these cards existed.His name  and stats are really embossed on the front of the card,juts like a real credit card.Good stuff! 

At first I thought I already had this card,but upon further inspection,I didn't!BTW- I was looking at my Can Stash the other day and realized that I had no Canseco White Sox or Expos cards.Two teams he barely got to touch the turf with.So If anybody out there  has any of his White Sox cards or Expos card (I think he only had one) ,let me know ;)

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