Thursday, September 1, 2016

Singles Only

I came up short In my hunt for some Topps Bunt 2016  goodness so I went the singles route to snag up a couple  of my favorites from the set.BTW-Sets of 2016 Bunt (minus inserts) are selling for about 11 bucks shipped on eBay,so If your In the market ,that would be one  way to  go.

Night Owl was right about these Lightforce cards.They look better In pics than they do in hand.They'd pop more in hand If they were foil. 

The Program insert Is one I've liked since I saw them on the Topps Bunt  phone app.In fact,this Is just the tip of  the iceberg.Topps Bunt has a ton of amazing inserts exclusive to the app that are begging to be made physical.If you haven't already ,give the app a try.At the least you might be getting a sneak peak into something that may be on the heels of a release.

I love the backs of these Program inserts. Very 90's !


  1. Now since you said they would look better in foil, Topps Bunt Chrome will be a thing.

  2. Oh that's pretty much a given lol.

  3. Both are pretty great cards, Tone. Nice additions!