Monday, September 19, 2016

Topps Bunt 16 TRADES & DEBUTS

I picked up some digital packs of cards off of the Topps Bunt app this morning.Like I've stated before,I'm not a huge fan of baseball cards that I can't actually touch ,in hand,but I do like using the Bunt app as a way to preview what Topps may have in store for us In the real world.These TRADES & DEBUTS cards are pretty much 2016 Topps flagship with  newly acquired players and those making their MLB debuts.If they do release these ,will they just call them Topps Update or stick with the Bunt 16 label?Not sure ,but I'm digging the new look Beltran and Bruce (not pictured) cards.What do you guys think?

UPDATE:I just realized that these seem to have a power/rarity meter over the top of their name tag.Not sure what that's all about. 

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