Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Flashback Gaming!

Recently,I hooked up a small man cave In my basement.It's still a  work In progress. I've got my old Sega Genesis hooked up to the ol' analog   set  with Tony LaRussa's Baseball by EA Sorts queued and ready to go.I also picked up Tommy Lasorda's arcade classic just for the heck of It.While LaRussa's game has a ton of stats and real teams/players,Lasorda's  arcade style of baseball is 20 times better!Both are fun,though,If your looking to flashback into and kill time all at once.I'll play a game or two while I'm doing laundry or when the better half Is having one of those days that make you wonder If she's not the better half and you are.Plus,these are  two of the best that ever did it so having some retro game goodness with their mugs on it Is always great!

Flashbacks of 1988 all over again! 

Look at those killer graphics!I never tire of reading the backs of video game boxes.Even now they have the ability to draw me in and make me want to play!


  1. Love it!

    Every time I watch "The Princess Bride" I hear the sounds of a game that I played way too much time with a friend - the game "Hardball".

    My memories of these games is so strong, I wonder if I would still enjoy playing them.

  2. I've got that on my ps1. It's hard as heck but still a great game! I don't have It on Sega but I'll always remember the cover ,some hands gripping a baseball bat If I'm not mistaken.They may not blow you away graphically ,but the jolt of nostalgia Is worth the couple of bucks you'll pay for a complete copy.

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