Thursday, October 6, 2016

Met Killers I Don't Hate - Madison Bumgarner

Forgive me my fellow Met fans ,but I just can't bash Bumgarner or the Giants for that matter.They got the best of  us and I'm not disappointed because It was at the hands of  a pitcher I don't hate.O.K. I'm disappointed  we didn't move on to the next round,but I've healed surprisingly well.I caught the game last night with my dad and we both dreaded a Familia ninth ,knowing how shaky he has been recently.We kind of saw It coming.It sucks too because I really like Familia ,and I had to put up with my dad cursing him out and verbally abusing him up until I walked out of the front door shortly after he blew the hold. Familia doesn't convince my dad .I ,on the other hand,love the guy.He can't save them all and let's face It,without him,we wouldn't have played In that Wildcard game.Anybody could have given up those three runs and  we were never going to match It.Not with Bumgarner on the mound.He's so fearless out there on the mound.A kind of fearlessness that evokes fear.But he's all business.No frills.Hats off to my Metsies for surprising the league and making It this far with the makeshift squad they had going Into that game.But hats off to the Giants as well.It'll be Basketball season before any of them catch up to Syndergaards fastball ,lol.But seriously,they played a heck of a game.As for Bumgarner?I don't hate the guy.He Is a consummate professional.


  1. 100% agreement. I have the utmost respect for Bumgarner and he pitched a great game last night...unfortunately.

    A little bit of a disappointment in the season but am thrilled that the Mets came back from mid-August to make the wildcard game. I just hope their pitchers come back healthy next year.

  2. Not to mention TJ Rivera,Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellmans out of nowhere success.I gotta give It to Sandy.As much as I've bashed him In the past,he's finally putting his stamp on this team.

  3. Bumgarner should have been tossed for showing up the ump. (OK a little wishful thinking). He bitches at and stares down players who he feels are acting up and then he does the same. Guy's an asshole. Good pitcher, but don't like him.

    1. Maybe you've seen more of him than I have.He was a complete gentleman in NY ,and a beast on the mound.I gotta respect that.

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  5. I'm not a Bumgarner fan, but you have to tip your cap. For whatever reason he has proven to be unhittable in the postseason. It was amazing the Mets got as far as they did considering you and I were probably next in line to start a game. The Giants will be able to give the Cubs a better series.

  6. I think the reason a lot of people dislike Bumgarner is because he's not on their team.I don't see anything wrong with competitiveness,even if it means staring down a batter or two.I disagree .I think the Mets would have given the Cubs a better go of it.It's going to be interesting to see a Giants /Dodgers playoff scenerio ,if it were to ever go down.