Monday, October 24, 2016

Skybox Marvel Masterpieces

I  recently received an action figure trade package In the mail,and within It were these cool Marvel trading cards!I've been wanting to dabble In Marvel comic book related  trading cards for some time now so this Is a good way to get that ball rolling.As far as baseball cards go,well,that ball Is somewhat deflated.Worst than the football Tom Brady tossed around during that AFC championship game. The only product I've been wanting to lay into was the new Bunt stuff but It seems they are not exclusive to Wal Mart.I'm pretty sure Target has them but I'm really not in the mood to clash or rub shoulders with the artsy ,fartsy and  trendy types that frequent their premises.I did find some 16 Topps Update at Wal Mart but passed on them.So I figured why not just show off  some of these   cool  2008 series 2 Skybox Marvel Masterpieces!

This card reminds me of the fight between Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura

This Is what the doctors In those Miami steroid clinics must look like


Madison Bumgarner

Anthony Rizzo

Dave Wright

Chris Sale


  1. Those are some pretty cool cards. I have a couple of the Marvel Masterpieces sets from that era, but I don't know if I have that one. You did a good job of matching up the characters with their baseball counterparts.

  2. Thanks Raz.I've always liked to equate baseball players to comic book characters.I guess I'm still "kid-at-heart" enough to still do it.