Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bizarro World Canseco's

In my last post,I sent the message out to the blogosphere that I was In need of  some Canseco White Sox/Angels/Expos  cards .I got antsy and kept seeing them on ebay so I picked up a couple singles.These truly are the most bizarre Canseco cards I own.I'm not even sure If  Canseco got any AB's In  for the Expos or Angels.These are like ,from some alternate universe or something.I tend to forget that Canseco got kind of sucky towards the end of his career and In the process of sucking something fierce ,got moved around a bit.It's a shame,too, cuz all he needed was few homers more to reach 500.I gotta believe even that wouldn't have gotten him into the hall with all the animosity .I just love the cards though.They  remind me of  all those mid 80's Reggie Jackson cards .

2001 Topps Canseco triumvirate!

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